Last Updated on April 20, 2020

If you run a blog, probably you have realized by now the importance of social networking sites in traffic generation. From my experience, and as you can see from the chart below, social bookmarking not only brings traffic from other diggers, stumblers, redditers…, but it also attracts an increase of natural search engines traffic. Look at the chart and you’ll see that every time there was a traffic increase due to social bookmarking (the gray bars), it was accompanied by an increase of the Google search traffic (the yellow bars), and this effect lasted a couple of days following the traffic spike.All Tips And Tricks traffic chart

So we agreed that social bookmarking is important. The problem is TIME! It takes a lot of time to submit every good piece of content you produce to all those 60-70 (or maybe more) social bookmarking sites. I used to spend about one hour each day doing that (taking into consideration that I wrote on average one post per day). Until today.

Back in August, I’ve joined The 30 Day Challenge, a 30 days program which was supposed to help its students to make their first 10 bucks by selling some affiliate product. Unfortunately, due to severe family issues (hospitals, funerals and all that stuff), I had to cut something from my to do list, and one of those things was this program (and this blog, as you can see on the traffic chart). The good part is that you can still join the program and go through it, all materials being still available. I did not finish it yet, but I highly recommend it to all those of you who are interested in internet marketing. I really learned some useful tricks and I finally saw which was my big mistake which prevented me to earn anything from affiliate programs. Briefly, I was skipping an important part of the preliminary research.

Back to our social bookmarking sheep: SocialPoster is a site which can automate part of the submission process. The site comes with a toolbar button. When you are on a website that you want to submit to social websites, you just select the desired text and click the button to pre-populate the submission form with information from the current page, like URL, title, excerpt from the text. You add some tags, then you’ll be taken to a menu where you will find about 52 most known social bookmarking sites. However, you still need to open an account with all those websites, but once this done, the submission process can happen very fast. I like it and I hope you’ll find it useful too. Good luck with your submissions, and don’t forget: if content is king, make sure you present it to the crowds, so they know it!