Last Updated on April 20, 2020

AdSense arbitrage overI’ve just found out via JenSense, that Google is disabling arbitrage publisher accounts as of June 1st. There is not official word from Google yet, the buzz started from a forum thread, in which many AdSense advertisers tell about the termination letters they received. If you don’t know what this arbitrage is, you can read more details at The Search Engine Roundtable. Basically, it means that you buy cheap advertising to expose your MFA site, which shows ads with higher CPC. Personally I don’t know anybody who makes money with arbitrage, but I heard that some people make $70k per month. Of course this is not profit, because they have to pay for their AdWords campaigns, but even if one makes $4-5k per month out of this, it is still a good income.

If you run AdSense on your site, you may have noticed very cheap clicks which we all try to filter out. Now these will disappear and I wonder what is going to happen with the publishers’ income. I would be tempted to say that it will increase, due to the elimination of MFAs. On the other hand, if MFAs represent now a big percentage of the content network publishers, it is possible that on short term we will witness a decrease of publishers’ earnings, followed by a long term increase, as more advertisers will join the network.

What is your opinion on this? Will we earn more from July 1st?

One thing I’m sorry for: I did not have the chance to experience arbitrage. I thought of it for such a long time, I procrastinated every day, and now it’s gone. And I’m not that sorry, I’m quite happy I’ll keep my account so far.