Last Updated on April 20, 2020

Rolling Blogroll BadgeI wonder how many blogs about blogging does a blogger read on a daily basis. Perhaps we all read the stuff that’s been around for ages, the useful tips of Problogger, or the DailyBlogTips, or Copyblogger, or the considerations on Reader Appreciation Project (what? don’t tell me you don’t read it yet) … and the list could go on.

But when was the last time you added a new blog about blogging to your feed reader? How do you discover new blogs? Group projects can be a good way to do it. In the latest group project hosted by EMomsAtHome, one of the participants, Roberta Ferguson, wrote about Recognition, Reaching Out and Beyond, analysing the blogging and commenting behaviours of herself and of others:

“In blogging, I have a tendency to stick around those blogs that have the same central theme as my own. Within my circle, I read what my blogging friends have to say, if I have a genuine interest, then I comment, and if I feel strongly about the subject, I write a post of my own.”

Roberta is concerned on how to get noticed (or in other words: “do you want to get noticed?), or on defining blog goals, or rewarding regular readers, and she shows all these by asking her readers how do they do that. If blogs are about dialogue, then Roberta is trying to start it and make it flow, for sure.

My personal favourite post is Blogging Metaphors, where she associates blogging with stand up comedy. I have the same feeling about blogging. Thinking that comedy also needs a certain set up, Roberta’s blog has definitely an unique touch: she plays the character of the little devil girl, nice and smiling, making everything the simple way, needing refreshments now and then: “It’s hot being a devil, why not buying me a drink to cool off?”. I wonder how comes that no entrepreneur thought to open a cold drinks bar in hell, but that’s another story 😉

Keep on the good work Roberta, and may you get some air conditioning for your devilish place. I invite you to take your rolling blogroll badge and put it on your blog, if so you wish.

This review is part of the Rolling Blogroll project.