Last Updated on April 20, 2020

Rolling Blogroll BadgeIf you don’t have children, then you may not know how it may be like organizing the chaos that is life with kids. Neena knows, as she has 4 of them and she proudly manages them all for raising them socially responsible.

Neena’s blog, A mom’s life, gravitates around children (see posts like Allowance and Kids or Healthy Kids and Sweet Treats), but not only. As a gadget collector, Neena blogs about technology, computers, or internet. Did you think that’s all? Not a chance! Not before you try the Awesome Salad Recipe she’s so proud of, or you read about her ultimate choice of cookware.

Briefly, although new, A mom’s life is already a must read and a help for new (and future) mothers. I’m the proud “mother” of a kitten, and yet I found a very useful article about poisonous plants.

Good luck Neena, and congratulations for the balance you found for your life and for the way you raise your children. I’m sure they will be so proud of their mother!

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