Last Updated on April 20, 2020

ipad accessories round-upIf you’re looking for cool iPad accessories that aren’t the usual cases, sleeves or silicone skins we all know from our iPods or iPhones, I’ve got a quick tip for you to save you some research time. My very good friend Lachlan published an excellent Top 5 iPad Accessories round-up article which features really cool items that will help any iPad owner enjoy their new gadget to the full. If you go read his article (which I urge you to do if you think of buying your iPad some new toys and clothes), you’ll discover how cool it can be to use your iPad in bed thanks to the Quirky Cradle lap desk. You’ll also learn how to get killer protection for your iPad, even if you’re the type of guy that drops three out of five things on the floor. Last but not least, you’ll see it’s not that hard to own the same gadget like thousand others and yet make it look and feel unique. A simple skin can do the trick. I’ll tell you no more. Just go and see it for yourself.

After you read Lachlan’s article, I’d appreciate if you could come back here and tell me which of the five featured iPad accessories you’d buy and why. I’m not simply curious, I want to write an article about iPad owners’ preferences and I want to base it on real research and insights. You can help.

Thank you.