Last Updated on April 20, 2020

The rejection of the idea thatanorexia nervosa is an eating disorder has been called Pro Ana. Tips and tricks, as well as other informative material and discussion groups and forums are spread all over across the Internet. Anorexic persons tend to refuse support and contact with their family members and with medical staff, so the Pro Ana tips and tricks may help them find understanding and a starting point for sharing thoughts and methods to make anorexia safer. Scientists have investigated anorexia nervosa and bulimia in a lot of studies, but opinions sometimes differ, as some groups consider them to be eating disorders, while others frame them into the mental illnesses category. Regardless the scientific findings, anorexics see it rather as a lifestyle choice, so there’s no wonder they are scouring the net, searching for pro ana tips and tricks, to make their life easier and to help them share experience with people like them.

Pro Ana Tips And Tricks Criticism

It’s easy to understand that medical associations and scientists’ opinions are mostly negative, concerning the appearance of websites which share pro ana tips and tricks for their readers. These activities are perceived as encouraging teenagers to strive for perfection by becoming anorexic.

I think the roots of this eating trouble come from nowadays social standards of beauty, which many times impose that women are skinny. Only look at the fashion parades and shows and observe the top models: they all look like they are always starving, their bones are prominent and many times their face shows illness and malnutrition. If this is beauty, why then are we concerned when we see the young generation trying all kind of pro ana tips and tricks, from collective weight loss diets to tips on how to induce vomiting or on how to hide weight loss from doctors and from their parents?

While I tend to agree that being fat is harmful to a person’s health and well-being, I cannot understand the attraction of looking like an extremely poor person who cannot afford to eat. There are so many children in this world who would give everything to eat at least one meal every day, that it is outrageous to think that somebody would eat with the sole purpose of vomiting everything as soon as possible after that.

But I suppose I’m not entitled to judge anybody, and as long as the net would exist, there would always be places where anorexia sufferers would share their pro ana tips and tricks.