Last Updated on April 20, 2020

What’s the need for a pop up blocker?

Everybody knows the annoying pop up ads, displaying products we don’t need and slowing us down, eating our time. A pop up blocker prevents those ads from being displayed, yet letting us know when a pop up window has been blocked. Most of them offer the possibility to turn off the pop up blocker for certain sites that we trust. This is an essential feature a pop up blocker program should offer, because pop ups are used in registration forms or in web content management programs, such as WordPress. In these cases, a pop up blocker would deny access to essential pages, so it is very important that the user can choose to switch it off by desire.

A list of pop up blocker tools

  1. Google Toolbar: amongst other functions, it provides also a pop up blocker utility. It is available in two versions: IE and Firefox
  2. Synergetic Soft offers a free pop up blocker which works with Windows XP and Internet Explorer 5+
  3. Panic Ware has a pop up blocker which comes in two versions: Free Edition and Professional. They have a comparative table for the two versions.
  4. The pop up blocker tool from Registry Cleaner is called CleanMyPC™ and it is offered for free. It works with Internet Explorer.
  5. Super Pop Up Blocker 4.4. It can also block ICQ Welcome Dialog,Windows Messenger,GAIN and Desktop Pop-Ups. It kills spyware and AdWare programs that create pop up ads.
  6. EarthLink pop up blocker: it can also block Flash™ and Shockwave™ content and it gives you the option of viewing thumbnail versions of blocked ads.
  7. STOPzilla’s highly advanced pop up blocker intercepts and destroys all forms of pop up advertisements while allowing user-requested pop ups to display. STOPzilla has the intelligence to distinguish legitimate pop ups (banking sites, e-mail, etc.) from annoying pop up ads.

If you want to test your pop up blocker software, Popup Test provides a free online pop up blocker testing tool with different techniques of launching pop ups, allowing you to decide upon the quality of your pop up blocker software.