Last Updated on April 20, 2020

Perforated metal is the basic material for manufacturing building parts such as ceiling panels, sunscreens or exterior decorative elements for office buildings. A simple expanded metal aluminum sheet can easily become a sturdy store display or a test tubes holder, in case it’s used in the medical industry. Although many of us aren’t probably noticing this fact, perforated metal sheets are everywhere around us, in our homes and in modern office buildings. For example, outdoor furniture made of such materials is very elegant, light and durable, that’s why it is preferred in many cases. Metal speaker grills are made using this technology. Dryer drums are also made of perforated metal sheets, as well as some models of fan guards.

Perforated Metal Sheets Types

Depending on the perforation shape, perforated metal sheets can feature round perforations, square perforations, slotted perforations or custom perforations, according to the specifications of the customer. The most commonly encountered type are the round perforations with a 60 degree pattern.

Because they are going to suffer further transformations and cuts, perforated metal sheets are left with minimum margins. On request, they can come with no margin at all.