Last Updated on April 20, 2020

Some of my latest passions are architecture and building materials. That happens because I’m seriously thinking of building my own house and moving from the apartment I’m currently living in, which is quite small and crowded. I’m not 100% convinced yet, but the preliminary research is definitely interesting, as I discover new possibilities every day. I like to make plans and calculations, and to consider several variants, out of which I’ll eventually choose one.
One of the building materials in big fashion nowadays is the perforated sheet metal. Architects use it for industrial buildings, as well as for offices or even residential buildings. Subway chairs and outdoor furniture can be made of perforated metal. The lids of the loudspeakers can be also made from the same material. I’ve also seen some nice gazebos for the garden with perforations reminding Arab motives.

One of the manufacturers of perforated metal is Accurate Perforating, a company which provides mounting holes, notches, profiling and other procedures of working the metal sheets. After the initial procedure, the perforated metal can be given the required finishes, by using either coating or anodizing, thus giving them the modern look many people are after. The company uses modern metalworking tools, in order to maximize their results.

If you are a specialist, you can benefit from their website, as they give lots of technical information abut their products. If you are not a specialist, you’d still be able to browse through the models of perforations and then decide which of them you like most.