Last Updated on April 20, 2020

Holidays! What a pleasant word! This is music to my ears. But it also means extra kilos on my tummy. It is funny how many people (and how many times) declare in January that they are going to lose weight over the next year. They rush and spend lots of money on weight loss pills, herbs, drops… only to find themselves a few months later still fat but miserable because they failed in shaping themselves the body of their dreams.

I was curious and I took a deeper look into this market, because I could smell some good earnings in there. Looking for the best weight loss programs, I ran into this website, Weight Loss Diet Help, which gathers together a series of programs for which there are discount coupons available on the net. One of the programs described there, Weight Watchers, was already familiar to me (it is not a diet, but a way of keeping count of how many calories and fats you eat, by assigning each food a number of points). The program can be joined on paid membership basis.

Joy's Life Diet

Once more, my belief that there’s no efficient diet without exercise, was reinforced: The Weight Loss Diet Help website includes also a series of articles, out of which I particularly found useful The Basics Of Exercise For Weight Loss. Unfortunately, nothing in life is free, so sometimes we have to refrain ourselves from things we like, in the benefit of our own help.