Last Updated on April 20, 2020

So many times we come across unhappy people, blaming the others for their failure in life.

If you tend to agree with my statement, I’ll point out for you the two premises which attract all those tragedies:

“Blaming the others”

Let me tell you this story I’ve read somewhere: two brothers who had a drunken, drugs addicted father, evolved completely different in their lives. One of them became a respected business man, always honest and helpful, responsible and fair. The second one became a drugs junkie, like his father. Overcoming addiction was simply impossible for him in that stage. When they were asked why did their life take such a pursuit, they both answered: “Well, with such a father, there was the only possible way”.

Lesson 1: given conditions are not important. What we do with them, is.

“Failure in life”

Why and when do we consider that we failed? When things are not sorting out the way we wanted? What if we wanted exact the outcome that we actually got? Then the same situation would have been considered a success, and not a failure.

It is all about your mindset, and you can choose between aiming low and getting tons of successes (while keeping a low personal standard), or aiming high and risking not to attain all objectives (while setting yourself a higher personal standard).

Lesson 2: reaching our objectives is less important that their height.

Maybe the most important of all is to never let others take control over your life. Remember that you are in charge of your life, no matter what. You are the boss!

How do you do? Are you setting objectives too low, from fear of not reaching them? Are you disappointed and demotivated if you don’t reach some of your goals?