Last Updated on April 20, 2020

For those of you who may not know, a cheat sheet is a page containing the most useful info about something (usually, cheat sheets are put together for most common software). Cheat sheets can save you a lot of time, so I decided to list here the ones that I’m using most and which could be helpful also for you.

1. Mozilla Firefox Cheat Sheet. More than 50 keyboard shortcuts, mouse shortcuts, locations of various Firefox files. A tip from the page: Customize Toolbars Right click on a toolbar and chose customize toolbar. To add icons drag and drop them on the toolbar. To subtract icons drag them from the toolbar to the “Customize Toolbar” window.

2. Google Cheat Sheet. All you wanted to know, for the most efficient search.

3. FX Cheat Sheet. The traveller’s easy foreign exchange cheat sheet. Easy to print.

4. The Interview Cheat Sheet. CareerLab helps you prepare for a job interview. Answer to all the points covered in this sheet and you’ll be prepared for many questions.

5. The htaccess Cheat Sheet. Reveals the mistery of the htaccess file.

6. My Mac Cheat Sheet. Makes your Mac life a little easier (at least Apple Support claims that)

7. Cheat Sheet Web 2.0. What it is, where did it come from, what’s its use.

8. The iTunes Cheat Sheet. Visualization keyboard commands and many more things.

9. The WordPress Cheat Sheet by Andy Wibbels. Very nice scheme.

10. Learn how to build cheat sheets in Eclipse.

Then share them with us. Thank you!