Last Updated on April 20, 2020

Mummified dinosaurs are very rare. We are one mummified dinosaur richer, since those workers in North Dakota discovered it in 2004. Of course the thing was baptised Dakota (since we baptise hurricanes and storms, why shouldn’t we give names to mummies), and it is an Edmontosaurus.

The particularity this dinosaur mummy (sorry, this Dakota mummified guy) has it’s that it is covered with fossilized skin. Workers are all over it with chisels and other tools I cannot name in English, and they are supposed to reveal the dinosaur completely in about one year’s time.

Although the big Dakota was discovered in 2004, it was taken to the museum only last month, when also the work of restoring its beauty began. It is encased in stone, so I can imagine what a tough job it is to get it out of there undamaged. I can also imagine how the museum advertised to find stone workers: “Dinosaur scrubbers needed; you bring your muscles, we provide the chisels”.