Last Updated on April 20, 2020

The multimedia age made all music devices I’ve used in my teens look obsolete. I grew up in the vinyl discs era and I have a great collection of such discs I don’t listen to anymore, but I can’t throw away either. Now we can do anything we want to our music: we can listen to it while relaxing, we can take it away with us when we go out, we can edit it and record our own original songs if so we wish. Of course, we can’t do all these without the help of specialized multimedia software such as an audio converter for changing the audio file format, a video encoder for converting AVI and WMV files to MPG formats. After we convert the files, we surely could use a DVD ripper software, so we can write the music on CDs or DVDs to archive it in our library or to take it with us in the car.

How to Choose the Multimedia Software

Multimedia software defines those computer programs which let you do all things I’ve mentioned above and even more. When choosing a multimedia application, you need to take into consideration your needs: what do you want the software to do? What’s your final purpose? Do you need only to rip music on CDs, or you could use some video creation and merging as well? You need to see what are the supported formats of files, to see if it is good for you.

Blaze Media Pro: All-In-One Multimedia Software

Blaze Media Pro is a multimedia application which offers all these functions: audio converter (supporting MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG and other known music files formats), an MP3 encoder and decoder, MPEG encoder and decoder, CD and DVD burner, video and audio editor, to name only a few of its facilities. The system requirements fall within the average range (800 MHz processor, 1GB RAM, 30MB hard disk, sound card). Of course, for creating CDs you’ll need a CD writer. The operating system can be Windows 98 SE/2000/ME/XP/Vista. I don’t know if it works also on MACs, but you can ask the support staff if you are interested.

I’ve shot some videos recently, and I needed to edit and merge some of them, so I’ve used the free trial version of Blaze Media Pro. The video editing operations that can be done with this multimedia software are multiple, covering actions such as deleting frames, cropping, trimming, flipping, mirroring, text overlaying. If you need, you can overlap an audio file over the video – this was the feature I needed so badly, because I had a part of video where the person speaking made a mistake and I needed to replace the text with the correct one.
What I also liked, but I didn’t have the time to play with yet, are the effects and color adjustments you can add to the video – this is on my to do list for the weekend.
Despite the fact that it’s a big time hog for me, I’m happy I discovered this multimedia software. I enjoy making my own videos, you know.