Last Updated on April 20, 2020

Did you think the title Mon Cher Las Vegas was just a metaphor? Not a chance. I’ve never been to La Vegas, so I cannot say anything about the city. However, I’ve just found out that Cher, the famous singer, is coming to Las Vegas. This time, it is not for a regular concert, but for replacing Celine Dion in the show at Caesar’s Palace.

Cher is an amazing performer. Only if we think that she became famous in 1965, that’s 43 years of celebrity! This is just a bit longer than my whole life, and I haven’t done anything famous yet. Moreover, did you know that her Farewell Tour, meant to be the last concert in her career, lasted 3 years?

What some of you probably don’t know, is that Cher started her musical career quite late in her life. At 33 years old, she was an unemployed, recently divorced mother, who had no idea about what the future is going to reserve her.

But despite her failed attempts in show biz, her glory started with the occasion of winning an Oscar award for her “Moonstruck” role. Success was there for her at the age of 41, and never left her since then. Who doesn’t still remember “If I could turn back time”, to name only one of the songs who made Cher’s fans all over the world adore her?