Last Updated on April 20, 2020

Web hosting is a hot business nowadays. There are so many hosting companies that choice is most of the times at random, even though we’d all love to find the best blog host from the first attempt. Even I own a hosting reseller account, so if I wanted I could have sold such services, but I’m keeping it only for my sites at the moment, because I’m sure there are details which are difficult to handle, especially customer service. Some of my customers would probably know more than I do. This is why I postponed this project until I get to know more about servers.

Speaking of knowledge, there is a website hosting provider where you can read more about various related issues, in case you are interested, or you are seeking for a new host for your websites. These Web Hosting Geeks write about preventing fraud on e-commerce sites, or other security issues. For example, I didn’t know that php has so many vulnerability issues. I was even upset with my former web hosting company, when I discovered that I wasn’t able to run certain scripts on their server. I didn’t want something very complicated, it was just a php function which was disabled by default without any possibility for the customers to enable it by themselves. The new host allows those scripts, but in exchange, I see much more spam than before. I suppose everything has a price. This is why research prior to purchase is a good idea when buying web hosting. I can give you one more advice: do not pay for one year in advance, as you might be sorry sooner than you expect. Moreover, you can read a thorough description of Control Panel options for resellers, just in case you think to get a reseller account, be it for establishing your own webhosting business, or simply for hosting your own websites there. I find it more convenient having a reseller account and I’m very pleased with Hostgator.