lolcats TigerSpottie, Tiger and their mom welcome you to this edition of 1001 Cats Blog Carnival. They worked hard to prepare for you some hopefully funny lolcats, so you get to know them better.

But first, the serious stuff:

Tiffany Holley presents Kitten Rescue posted at Life on the Road: Home Business, Homeschool, and Cats!, saying, “The story of our recent adventure with four new babies!” Bookmark this story, pictures are coming soon!

Latest news: the lovely cat pictures are here. Can you spot 10 differences between them and my new family members, Tiger and Spottie? I doubt you can.

lolcats bad cat

HowToHoldACat presents Boredom Leads to Cat House posted at How To Hold A Cat Without Losing An Eye. If I were a cat, I’d be grateful to get such a beautiful house. It’s even better than cardboard boxes! Boredom leads to good things sometimes.

Miss D presents The Wonderpet Cat Tunnel posted at If a cat house is too much, at least this funny, rolling tunnel will do! It is easy to install, easy to maintain, and it doesn’t cost a fortune. Maybe I’ll try it for my tiny beast, although she’s a big fan of cardboard boxes.

lolcats cute

Frugal Panda presents 57 Creative Ideas to Save Money As a Pet Owner posted at Frugal Panda. Very good instructions for not so rich pet owners: you have no idea how much money one can throw away on the window with a little bit of help from his pets 😉

Lesson for life: if you’re poor, go creative! Hey you, rich people, you’d better be creative too, so you can enjoy more of your fortune!

Last but not least, don’t forget to take a tour of Cendre de Roses, the Russian Blues cattery. They have just participated in a Cat Show, and got lots of prizes!

Many thanks to all authors who took their time to send us their kittish stories. We are thrilled to see that there are so many talented cat moms and dads out there.

If you have a great cat story and you want to share it, please submit it to the next edition of 1001 cats using our carnival submission form.

Now, please relax and enjoy a bit of Sunday fun with our lolcats we did with our new extended family.

lolcats tail play

lolcats pot1

lolcats specialist

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