Last Updated on April 20, 2020

Keurig B70 Platinum Single-Cup Brewing System

Keurig B70 Platinum Single-Cup Brewing System - click on the image to see details on Amazon

How many appliances can one buy during a lifetime? I can buy lots! There’s always something I need more than what I already have. Like coffee makers: I’ve got one, but it makes lousy coffee. I can’t stop myself wishing to buy a better coffee machine. At my last job, we had an awesome espresso machine in the office. As far as I remember, it was given to us for free, provided that we bought consumables in value of at least $100 every month. The coffee was fantastic. It was perhaps the only thing I regretted when I quit. Since then, I bought a few coffee makers, but ended up by giving all of them away. It was an expensive way to learn that sometimes no purchase is better than a cheap one. Now I have $200 to spend on the coffee maker and I wonder if I can find something good for this kind of money. Any tips or personal experience you may have is welcome, please share it in the comments. I’m going to tell you what I like and why.

I recently read some reviews of Keurig coffee makers and I was impressed. My top choice is the Keurig B-70 B70 Platinum Single-Cup Home Brewing System. This is why:

It accommodates all cup sizes

Keurig Brewer - backlit blue LED display

Keurig Brewer - backlit blue LED display

I like my coffee big. I have friends who enjoy their coffee so small that they can finish it from two sips. With this Keurig coffee maker, you can choose between five cup sizes: 4 oz, 6 oz, 10 oz and 12 oz. The Keurig Platinum Brewer features a removable drip tray. Remove it and your travel mug will perfectly fit, so you can have your coffee made directly in it. This is great in the morning, if you use to take your coffee with you and drink it in the car while driving to work.

It is fully programmable
You can program the cup size, the auto on/off and even the water temperature. I never had a coffee maker which allowed water temperature setting. It’s great, because the water needs not to be boiling in order for the coffee to be really good.

It makes more than coffee
The Keurig B70 Platinum is not a coffee maker as such, but a single-cup home brewing system. This means that you can also make tea or hot cocoa. The system features a showerhead needle, which results in more flavorful coffee. I think this is what I don’t like about my current coffee maker: the water passes too fast, so it doesn’t make contact with the coffee long enough to extract all that flavor from it.

It looks good
It is important that home appliances look good. Keurig coffee makers are stylish and they match the setting of my kitchen. I also like the blue, backlit LCD display. It’s a little bit like Star Trek. Of course the most important of all is to brew great coffee, but out of all great brewers, I’d choose the most stylish, even if I had to pay a bit more.

Great variety of gourmet coffee, tea and cocoa

Keurig B70 Platinum and K-Cups selection

Keurig B70 Platinum and K-Cups selection

Perhaps the biggest selling point of Keurig home brewers is that they are not limited at those coffee pods that most brewers use. They work with K-Cups, which are available in 140 different types of coffee, tea and cocoa. Even better, the My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter allows you to use your favorite brand of coffee or tea. The My K-Cup is not included in the box. It’s cheap, but you have to remember to order it separately.

The range of coffee types is amazingly wide and it includes premium brands such as Green Mountain, Newman’s Own Organics, Caribou, Gloria Jean’s, Tully’s, Emeril’s, Ghirardelli, Barista Prima Coffeehouse or Donut House. You can choose from three caffeine levels: decaf, half-caff and regular. Another interesting thing is that you can also choose the roast: light, medium or dark. It seems there’s a K-Cup for every coffee lover’s taste out there.

I read on Amazon that the brewer has a setting for iced beverages. I don’t fully understand how that works, but I like the idea. It’s so hot here as I’m writing this review, that I’d love to use this setting right away. If only I had the Keurig device already…

786 Customer Reviews Can’t Go Wrong

There are no less than 786 Amazon review for this machine. Most of them are positive.

The pricing of the Keurig brewers are extremely reasonable, and brews gourmet coffee in just a fraction of the cost of purchasing it from a Starbucks, Coffee People, or similar. I expect that my machine will pay for itself in savings in just a couple months of use.

Those are just some reasons I love this machine. The fact that it makes very good coffee is a big plus too, right? It seems as if the coffee from the Keurig machine tastes less “burnt” than most single serve coffee I’ve had in the past.

The coffees are delicious! I love the organic fair trade options. It was a good purchase.

On the other hand, several users complained about the relatively short lifespan of the appliance.

I LOOOOOOVE my morning cup of coffee and I was excited when I got a keurig for christmas in 2010. It is July of 2011 and I can honestly say this poor thing has had more difficulties than I had imagined. My mother in law has had to replace her keurig on 3 different occasions and now I’m going to have to replace mine… I will be replacing my keurig with the same model however I’m unsatisfied at how quick it was to mess up.

Here’s a funny one:

You can keep getting new ones as long as the old ones break within the warranty period. You get a new one year warranty with each machine they send you. If it doesn’t break until month 13 however, you just spent a lot of money for a very short lived machine. I’ve got my fingers crossed that the next one either breaks within a year or it’s one of the rare ones that will actually last a couple of years! Keurig must be doing something right though because their stock (Green Mountain Coffee) keeps going up!

In conclusion, customer service is excellent (many reviewers say it) and you get a replacement machine if it breaks within the one year warranty. With each new machine, you get another one-year extension. It doesn’t sound that bad after all. Besides, the number of people who are in love with their Keurig coffee maker is impressive, therefore I’m almost convinced this is the one for me.
Do you want to read more? Go to Amazon and see it for yourself. There’s a good discount at the moment, about $60 off the original $230 price, so it’s worth taking a look.