Last Updated on April 20, 2020

Have you ever heard of carpooling before?

I’ve been approached to review the RideSearch website, and this is how I found out about the concept of carpooling.

Carpooling means that people who commute and have the same hours and routes can join together and use their cars alternatively, in order to save fuel, to reduce car emissions, briefly, to reduce pollution.

As most of the world’s cities are heavily polluted by car emissions, I thought this could be an interesting way of keeping the world healthier while getting your things done as well. My personal concern with carpooling would be trust. Yes, trust. How could I possibly trust that people I’d take in my car, or people I’d travel with are honest guys and not awful criminals? What if instead of arriving to my workplace, I’d find myself taken into a forest nearby my city?

Ok, so I would trust only my neighbors and friends, but then the probability of finding a car when needed would dramatically decrease. This is what RideSearch does: it provides a tool for people to connect with other commuters in their neighborhood, for a safe and secure travel. This tool would allow you to find best matches for your routes and travel hours, without hassle.

If you cannot figure out how this process of joining people for a ride would go on, you can find some explanations of how carpooling through RideSearch works. Basically, after you setup your travel needs and your routes, you’d be matched with other people, then a fare is set using a calculation method agreed by all participants (you can see such an example by following the previous link hereby enclosed). You will also have the possibility to set up the meeting points on the map. In case you wish to be taken from your home directly, this can also be arranged with your travel companions.


RideSearch membership is free of charge. Should you have any questions, you can consult the FAQs section, or, in case your question is not covered in there, you can contact the appropriate staff at RideSearch for an answer.

Safety and privacy are into RideSearch’s attention, so they offer you some advice on what to disclose in your profile and what to keep private.

RideSearch is operational in US, at national level.

Who knows? Maybe carpooling could help us eliminate traffic blockages, reduce pollution and delay the global warming. Or maybe we should all switch to bicycles?