Last Updated on April 20, 2020

Get your free WordPress themes from

Get your free WordPress themes from

Not so long ago it was cool to have computer screens as big as possible. It is still cool, however there’s a new trend among internet users: netbooks, tablets and smartphones. It’s so convenient to be able to browse your favorite websites from almost anywhere, without having to carry a big laptop with you. The only problem is that sometimes websites are not properly designed for such small screens, therefore they could be hard to navigate. Modern websites need to look good on huge screens as well as on smartphones. Until not so long ago the solution was to develop mobile versions of normal websites and put them on a subdomain such as

Good bye subdomains! Hello responsive web design!

The term “responsive web design” was coined by Ethan Marcotte, web developer, author of the book Responsive Web Design, in which he shows how to creatively use CSS to make websites adapt to various screen resolutions. If you want to see what this is about, you can read this article he published in A List Apart. You’ll find a link to the book inside the article, should you be interested to go deeper into detail. The book impressed me so much, that I immediately thought of making a responsive WordPress theme or rather a framework, since it had to be the foundation of lots and lots of templates.

Where to get a responsive theme for my WordPress site?

By the time I got so enthusiastic about developing an awesome WordPress framework with responsive design elements I had no idea that I was about two years late. There were so many responsive themes already! I still liked my idea of developing templates for WordPress, but instead of reinventing the wheel, I just took one of those frameworks, the Base theme from Web Designer Wall, and started my development from there. You can find my free WordPress themes on Most of them are responsive and all of them are HTML5 and compatible with the latest version of WordPress, which is now 3.3.2. So far, I have six themes published. I’ve shown them to a few of my friends and the feedback is positive, therefore I’ve got more of them under development, waiting to be polished and published over the next months. If you need a free theme for your WordPress site, you can tell me what kind of layout you’re interested in and I might put it on my priority list. If you need a custom theme, I can help: just send me a quick message via this contact form and I’ll get back to you for details.