Last Updated on April 20, 2020

how to make a lawnLawn care is an ongoing, permanent process. Time is a very scarce resource nowadays. We don’t have time to wait for things to happen naturally, nor do we have the time required for proper lawn care. If you have a courtyard, then you know how much time and work you need in order to grow a very nice lawn on it. This is how to make it faster:

Step 1: measure the area you want to cover with grass
Step 2: buy some ready-made grass and earth “carpets” which I was told that are called sods.

lawn 2

Step 3: make sure the future lawn surface is flat
Step 4: cover the ground with the grass carpets (I know now that the name is sod, but I still like to refer to them as carpets of green grass)

lawn 3

Step 5: step on them to make them uniform and to help them adhere to the soil

lawn 4

Step 6: wet the lawn. In a few days, it will look like the naturally grown ones.
You can cut the lawn pieces in round shape from place to place, and you can plant some flowers in the obtained circles. The effect is guaranteed. You can even organize a vegetable garden with some nice grass around, don’t you think so? Laying sod helps a big deal with lawn care.

lawn 5