I don’t know about you, but when it comes about CD/DVD writing, I have a problem: if I’m too lazy to label it immediately, it gets lost in the pile and there are 90% chances that I’ll never use it again, as most of the times I get bored of the search process before managing to find the one I was looking for. It is definitely better to have something at hand, to label it on the spot. There are four ways of labeling CDs or DVDs:

  • Special marker: they come in different colors and sizes, they are handy and easy to use, the ink is resistant, so for in-house purposes this is an excellent, cheap and fast solution. Drawback: it does not look professional at all, so for official purposes it does not fit. Tip: don’t use roller pens for labelling because they damage the discs.
  • Paper labels: they are available in stores, can be easily printed using a normal printer, you can give them a very nice and professional look, as many CD writing programs come with the option of labels design. Drawbacks: there is a high probability to damage the disc, especially when the volume of written data is big (e.g. movies); in case you don’t apply it perfectly, your disc will be lost forever, as it cannot be removed without any trace; worse, you can damage also the disc unit. Tips: you can either go to a specialized center where they can apply the labels for you, or much better, don’t use them at all.
  • Direct printing: there are printers that can imprint directly on special discs, either in black and white or in colors. Drawback: the ink is not very stable and it can go away with time or in case of accidentally rubbing the surface.
  • Laser printing: this is the newest method of labeling discs. There are special optical units which have this feature and they are only a little bit more expensive than common DVD writers. The printing is very stable, it does not go away with water or by rubbing. Drawbacks: printing is available only in shades of gray and the process is slow (between 17 – 27 minutes for one disc printing)

For those who don’t care about looks, or if you have a big bunch of discs to write in a short time, I have the fastest method of all: write the text fast on a small post-it paper and stick it on the disc. Take care, though, the method is only temporary: after a while, post-its go away and you’ll end up looking desperately at a big pile of notes lying around a bigger pile of identical discs (actually this happened to me once).

About the author

Violeta Matei is a freelance writer with a technical background. In the beginning of her working career, she had the opportunity to learn Microsoft Excel, Word and Powerpoint and to apply these learnings in her daily work. She even wrote two e-books on the most useful keyboard shortcuts in Excel and in Word. Since embracing an online career path, Violeta has been writing detailed guides on using and troubleshooting Windows, MS Office and WordPress and she started to learn photography. Since she works from home, she shares various tips and tricks that can help people improve their life and make their homes better.