Last Updated on April 20, 2020

Business cardsI worked in an advertising agency for a few years. I remember one of the clients wanted us to make business cards for them. It was easy, at least this is how it felt from my point of view. I was only doing the client service, but watching my colleagues working, I thought I could design business cards myself, if needed. Several years later, having my own business already, I wanted to make business cards and I had a big surprise: it’s not as easy as it looks from the outside. Not only was it hard for me to get all design elements right, but even after that, the guy from the printing company had to do some wizardry in order to be able to use my file. I got the cards eventually, but they looked cheap. I used them anyway, although I felt bad each time I gave away one of them.

The idea of this post came to me after I’ve been approached by BusinessCards24, an online business cards service to write about them. I liked their services, so I agreed. Their business cards have high quality UV coating (which is what my self-made cards lacked) and matching stationery. Customers can design their cards online, or they can upload their creative work. Another option is to choose one of the popular designs on the site, then replace the default details with their business name and contact data. You can choose how you want your cards printed: digital or offset. I would recommend going for offset printing, because it looks so much nicer than digital. The minimum quantity for offset printing is 500 pieces. It’s low compared to what I could find in Romania. Here I’d need to print business cards for nine lifetimes, as no printing house would bother taking small offset printing jobs.

Who’s doing your business cards? Any better ideas?