Last Updated on April 20, 2020

How many times does it happen to you to browse through your pictures using the thumbnails view in Windows Explorer, and wish they were a bit bigger?

This is a simple way to enlarge them as you wish:

1. Go to Start, Run

2. Type in the command box: regedit

3. Double click on HKEY_CURRENT_USER

4. Double click on Software

5. Double click on Microsoft

6. Double click on Windows

7. Double click on CurrentVersion

8. Double click on Explorer

9. Right click in the right side window (somewhere on an empty space)

10. Select New, then DWORD value

11. Rename the new value ThumbnailSize

12. Double click on it

13. In the opened menu, select Decimal in the Base field

14. Set the value in the small box to 255.

15. Click OK and enjoy your giant-sized thumbnails

Note: 255 is the maximum value. If you think they are too big now, you can go back and input a lower value. The default value installed with Windows is 96.

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