Last Updated on April 20, 2020

One of the biggest concerns regarding the iPad was that it couldn’t play Flash, which would have resulted in a poor web browsing experience and in playing only dull games. Anyway, Apple fans got used to not having Flash on their devices, so everything seemed to be in order, if we were to look at the millions iPads sold in a couple of months or at the million iPhone 4 phones sold in the launch day.

However, creativity never sleeps: if you’re willing to jailbreak your iPad, you can enjoy Flash applications, even if there are voices claiming Flash is already outdated and developers should be encouraged to code in HTML5.

This is a demo video which shows how Spirit jailbreak managed to port the mobile Flash Android plugin to Apple’s iOS and how Frash enables Flash content to play on the iPad.

It’s all good, but I have a question for iPad owners: would you jailbreak your device or not?