Last Updated on April 20, 2020

music mp3 audioWhen it comes about music, we tend to prefer more and more the mp3 format. The main reason is convenience: mp3 files are detected as data files, thus allowing us to exploit at maximum the capacity of CDs. One CD can store up to 80 minutes of music, if written as such. This leaves more than 90% of the CD’s capacity not used. So if we can fool the CD to interpret the music tracks as data files, we could store 10 times more music on the same space. This is why we need mp3.

If you are like me, you have some hundreds of music CDs in your bookcase, wondering how to find some more space for new ones. There are many software programs which can convert audio into mp3 files, but the most convenient is iTunes, the well-known music player.

This is how to convert your music into mp3, step by step:

  • Install iTunes
  • Launch the application
  • go to File, and then select Preferences
  • go to Advanced tab
  • in the Advanced screen, go to Import tab
  • at “On CD insert”, choose “Import CD and Eject”
  • at “Import using”, choose “MP3 encoder”
  • the remaining settings can be as you wish
  • insert an audio CD in the CD player
  • iTunes should automatically convert all files into mp3 and store them in iTunes library
  • you can find the mp3 files in My Computer/My Music/iTunes/iTunes Music

Special for PC users: iTunes works also under Windows.

This is all. Enjoy!