Last Updated on April 20, 2020

Your refrigerator has been making peculiar noises for a while, and you suspect it’s on its last legs. You know you’ll have to buy another one but you’re not sure which type to choose.

There is a vast array of brands and styles to look at, and it’s best to have a check-list so that you can compare models accurately.

You’ll be paying a fairly large amount of money for your acquisition. Also, your new appliance used for storing and preserving food will be an item that you’ll look at and use every day so you’ll want to make sure that it fits in with the rest of your kitchen décor. Fridge freezers are large items; do you want it to blend in or would you prefer to make it an outstanding feature?

Energy Rating

It’s important to find out the energy ratings of the appliances that you’re investigating. Fridge freezers use a large percentage of your household energy. According to EU legislation, from July 2012 all new refrigerators have to conform to an energy rating of either A+, A++ or A+++. However, not all A+++ models necessarily cost less to run. Check out an online calculator  to show how much the model you’re interested in will cost to run.

Will It Fit?

Before you visit the appliance stores, measure the space—width, depth and height—in your kitchen where it will stand. These appliances are great space savers because, as the name implies, the fridge and freezer are built into one frame.

Make sure that when the doors of your new piece of equipment are open they are not going to block a passageway in your kitchen. And last of all, measure the entry door to the kitchen so that you know you’ll be able to get it into the room!

What Style?

These appliances come in three major styles:

  • Freezer on top
  • Freezer on bottom
  • Side-by-side

Go for the appliance that best suits your family size and your pocket. Models with the freezer on top are often cheaper than other styles, but you may prefer the convenience of having the fridge section at eye-level. Side-by-sides have doors that are not as wide so they don’t block access routes, and they offer more storage space than the vertical combinations.

If you do your homework before you actually visit the shops to look at fridge freezers, you’ll soon find the best one for you.