Last Updated on April 20, 2020

Every now and then, we need to change our mobile phone. Either the old one is damaged and the cost for repairing it is too high, or it is morally used, or the new mobile phones generation offers features we strongly want to have. What we should do after we decide to go for the replacement? There are several tips which can guide you to make the best mobile phone choice:

  • Gather information. Buy mobile phone magazines, search the net, ask your friends about their mobiles, ask in shops for detailed brochures on the phones you like. It is advisable to ignore the budget in this stage of the process. Take into consideration only the features you need:
    • Do you travel a lot and talk very much during the day? Then you need a mobile phone with longer battery life and with long conversation time.
    • Are you sitting all day long at your desk? Do you like small purses? Then the battery is not that important and you would rather consider a small and very slim model, as charging it daily is convenient for you. Be aware that very slim models have smaller batteries.
    • Why shouldn’t you care about the budget? Simply because an expensive model today can suffer a drop of price in a few weeks or months, when a new generation of phones will be launched. So if your actual phone can still serve you for a couple of months, maybe it is worth waiting to buy that model which you liked most but you can’t afford today.
  • Consider restricting your favourites to no more that 4-5 choices. Take into consideration whether or not you need a camera model. If you want to replace by this your digital camera, make sure you select a mobile phone that has a camera of at least 1Mpixel. Even then, you should be aware that lenses used in mobile phone cameras have more aberrations, and due to the fact that everything should fit into a very small space, there is no possibility to have correction devices. If you don’t have the possibility to take photos with all the models and compare them, search the net, as there are some sites where such comparisons are published: the same photos are taken with different mobile phone cameras and they are published together with the author’s comments on pictures’ quality.
  • You have now a shortlist of 4-5 models which fit into your requirements. Now try to find a way of having them in hand and trying them. Sometimes, especially when changing the brand, it happens that the new menu is not so comfortable as the old one and usually you notice that only after the purchase, which is a little bit too late.
  • You have decided for 1 or 2 models to be the finalists. Now search for best deals in all mobile phones shops you can. It is possible that you find an unexpected good deal if you search a little bit more instead of rushing into the first shop and buy it.
  • Be careful where you buy your mobile phone from. Read carefully the contract they give you to sign. Make sure you have a service unit available nearby your place. Refuse any pack that is not sealed by the producer. If the pack is sealed, it is OK, but you still need to open it and check inside to see that all accessories promised are in the box. You can usually find the accessories list in the first pages of the operating manual.
  • Try the new mobile phone with your sim card in the shop and make a phone call to make sure that you can hear and you can be heard without problems.
  • In case you find a good deal but the phone is locked in a network which you do not prefer, you can search the net, as many mobile unlock sites are available. More and more, the producers give away for free the unlocking software for older models.

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