Last Updated on April 20, 2020

Until very recently, I was sure that only photo and video cameras had a zoom. Well, now also bloggers have their own zoom, thanks to Court and Vic, who associated to release a Digg-like place for bloggers: BloggingZoom, a place where all bloggers (and only bloggers) are invited to submit their articles, for the benefit of the whole community.

The site was a success, a lot of users registering themselves and starting submitting articles even from the first day. Although the most zoomed post recorded only 38 zooms, the place increased in popularity over night, as you can also see from the Alexa chart below:


I don’t know what Court and Vic are thinking, but I consider it a success, and a very good idea. I was missing such a place where I can submit my stories without worrying if they are suitable for the audience, or fearing that I’d be banned from whatever unknown reasons. Bloggers are even encouraged to submit their own stories. This is in my opinion an excellent approach, because I never understood why I had to wait to be discovered by other people, who I’m sure had better things to do than submit my posts to social media. If I am to wait until I’m CNN or Endgaget, we still have a long way to go until seeing my posts submitted and voted by a big pool of fans. This is not the case, but I surely enjoy a little spike of traffic every now and then.

If you are like me, then perhaps you should give a try to BloggingZoom, the place which can push you to the front page even if you don’t have 50 friends to vote for your stories.