Last Updated on April 20, 2020

Have you ever thought that interior design and the photograph have something in common? When I was a child, I always liked to paint on my room’s walls, to the desperation for my parents, who never managed to get that room renovated the way they liked. I just loved writing and painting on those walls, so finally they had to let me do it until I got bored.

I’ve been approached to review a service which seems interesting and which I might want to try in a future home: printing photographs on walls. Learn To Dream is a company from UK which helps you accomplish this in a few simple steps:

1. You send them the photo of your wish, so they enlarge it. There are three possibilities of sending the image, the easiest of all being to use the form on their website.

2. The company designers contact you for a briefing session. In this way, they will understand better what you want and you’ll be warned about the eventual limitations due to the quality of your photo or to other factors.

3. After you agree on all details, your photography goes in production, on special printing machines.

4. You can either take the finished work from the company’s headquarters, or they can have it delivered to you by mail.

In case you want, you can choose one of the photos which are available for you to buy on the same website. They look good, but I’d rather find something more personal.
I found this service pretty cool, especially for non-conventional interiors decoration.