Last Updated on April 20, 2020

Figures fascinated humankind even from oldest times. Many of us are interested in all kind of statistics, related or not to our jobs or to our lives. When it comes to blogging, checking statistics can easily become addictive (by the way: how many hours ago did you last checked on your Google AdSense statistics for today?). One of my questions when I started this blog, almost 5 months ago, was “How will I know how many constant readers this blog has?”
I came across the answer by discovering Feedburner. I burnt a feed for my blog, and then I completely forgot about that (it was an early stage of my blogging, so I had a very loose idea of feeds and their use). Last week, I rediscovered Feedburner, but this time I found out how to publish the number of readers you have on your blog. I was disappointed that there were only 4 readers. Then, I found Feedburner Plugin for WordPress, which brings subscribers from all reader programs together in one place, in Feedburner. After installing and activating the plugin, there were 16 readers in my FeedCount.

“So what?”, you may say. Well, the 16 steady readers changed my approach to blogging, in the way that now I feel more responsible for delivering good and timely content, because I know that there are 16 people out there who are expecting my posts. Thank you, my dear 16 readers, for subscribing to this blog.

Feedburner plugin is compatible with both WordPress 2.0 and 1.5 and it is very easy to install.

Later edit: it works also in WordPress 2.1.