Last Updated on April 20, 2020

Did you ever picture what the ideal job means for you? How would it be to do all day long something you enjoy, and get paid for it? While I was working in advertising, my colleagues and I thought many times how lucky we were to be paid to play and have fun. Creating advertising is really cool: you learn so many things about your clients’ businesses, you get in touch with interesting people of various trades (such as photographers, film directors, actors, publishers…), you try to find new ways of expressing ideas, new ideas to promote brands, new executions for the same old ideas.

Once you get to know so many things, you feel like giving back to the community, so I found myself wishing to teach and train other people, but I seldom had the chance to do it. In those times, I would have given anything to get a job as a trainer with a good company. This never happened, and now I have other plans, as I see working from home as the most suitable for me.

Last week, this strage thing happened: I got contacted by a big training company, which offered me a senior trainer position. Believe it or not, although it sounded so interesting, when I pictured myself spending three hours per day driving to and from the office, I was not able to convince myself it is worth accepting. So, despite my interest in the offer, I had to turn it down, because there was no possibility of working part time.

I’m still thinking how strange life can be sometimes. I ended the week with this thought that there is a time in life for all things, and that even the most attractive dream can look like a nightmare from a few years’ distance.