Last Updated on April 20, 2020

New Helpful WordPress Resource Is Up

If you didn’t know WordPress can be fun, it’s time for you to learn that: yes, WordPress can be a lot of fun, thanks to Andrew Rickmann, who recently launched, a resource for all WordPress bloggers who got bored with available stuff, or who want to enrich their blogging experience by trying a little bit the “developer” side, without having to stick their noses in programming books which they cannot even read, not to mention understanding what’s written in them.

WordPress Fun And A Little Competition For Bloggers

Bloggers contestHow can you have WordPress fun? Let’s see how hard it is for you to develop your own plugin, with this plugin making tool: go there, think of a plugin, make it and blog about it with a link to this post, so I get your trackback. If you wish, you can also use the contact form to let me know you entered.

Every author who writes a plugin I’m going to use on this blog will win $100 from me.

I’ll give you an example of a plugin I could use: I want to make a top of my “Best Articles”, based on my personal evaluation, so I need a way to give a score to every post I write. It has to function also by category, if I choose so. I need to display the Best Articles list in the sidebar, and I want to make a page with top posts by category (also ranked by my own will).

I will choose only the plugins I’ll find really useful for my blog. This means that if you are not a winner, I’ll never use your plugin, or I’ll pay you $100 if I ever decide to use it, after the competition ends.

The competition opens now, and it ends on November 30th. Good luck, and remember my blog is waiting for your plugins!

Later edit: we’ve been featured by ContestBeat, the place where you can read about the latest cool contests on the web.

Note: you can use any tools you wish for developing your plugins. I pointed you to Andrew’s tool because it is easy to use, but it is not a condition for entering the contest.

Photo by: Robertt