Last Updated on April 20, 2020

Thank youLast year, when I started this blog, I already had my own company, but its purpose was totally different from the actual one. I was supplying training programs (such as selling skills, presentation skills or personal development).

After discovering blogging, and after learning lots of things about internet marketing, online income, website development, pay per click campaigns management, or social media, I found myself at the end of the first 8 months being able to deliver all these for other companies. I started to offer such services for free, to a few friends of mine, helping them develop their online presence. After the first results, I became quite confident in my skills, so I started to promote my new services by offering free SEO analyses. Very shortly after that I got my first two clients.

Although I wasn’t yet making a full living out of that and of the blogging income, I saw the potential and kept on going with both blogging and internet marketing services (it is true I got a little bit in debt, but that’s not a very serious issue).

Eight months later, namely in October, the things have really started to move, the income from blogging raised at $540, the indirect income was $2000, plus I secured $10,000 for the next three months, from internet marketing clients.

I’m not very fond of making my earnings public, but I publish them every now and then, because I noticed my readers are a bit curious about this blog’s financials. This is a review of both direct and indirect earnings I made from blogging since I first heard the word “blog” until October:

Blog income chart

Direct income comes mainly from AdSense and Text Link Ads. The October increase is due to some sponsored reviews, plus a couple of private ads.

As you can see, indirect earnings are already much ahead of direct ones. However, without trying all kind of things with my personal blogs and campaigns, I would have never managed to gather so much knowledge to put in the indirect projects.

Thanks to blogging, it became possible to start a business. Thanks to people, learning was possible. Also thanks to people, experimenting was possible. I take this opportunity to thank my online professors and my readers for helping me become location independent, and for giving me a new trade to make a living from.

“Thank You” image credit: Dominik Gwarek (kikashi)