Last Updated on April 20, 2020

You’ve probably heard about the so-called “Yo-Yo Effect” which appears in weight loss programs or diets: at first people lose weight, then they gain it back, go on diet again, and so on, resulting in getting even fatter. Not even the weight loss pills which cut your appetite will give satisfactory results, if after you end the treatment you start overeating again.

Tests undergone by scientists revealed that emotions are the first source of overeating. Dr. Roger Gould interviewed over 17,000 persons who were on a losing weight diet, and his discovery was that 99% of people cannot follow a diet completely because of emotions like stress, boredom, anger or depression. So, it seems that emotional eating is the major problem with these dieters, and not the lack of determination.
Based on his studies, Dr. Roger Gould developed a system, explained in more detail at, which gives results in cases of emotional overeating, cravings or food addictions. His system was thoroughly tested during the past 20 years. This led the Psychology Today magazine to make a statement that “Dr. Gould’s programs are based on proven research results”.

Shrink Yourself is not only another weight loss program, as it includes a psychological component which determines the patients to change not only their eating habits, but also to improve other areas of their lives.

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If you are curious to see whether or not you are an emotional eater, you can benefit from a free interactive session at, and you can get your personalized emotional eating profile done. Moreover, you’ll find there a community willing to support you, and a Weight Loss Blog.