Last Updated on April 20, 2020

For how many times, and at how many ages, did you dream you were somebody else? A hero. Bigger, stronger, handsome, the best on Earth. Too many times, you’ll say.

What happened with all those dreams? You probably woke up, like many of us, in the same deep shit which proudly bears the name of “life”. A shit in which no trouble travels alone, and in which good things always come with an awful other side of the coin.

Depressed already?

Cheer up, it’s time for a change. A group change. The Inaugural Get Yer Shit Together Challenge will start on Monday, September 3rd, at Craig Harper’s blog. The rules are simple, but following them could be difficult, and it would result in your definitive change:

  • think of something you want to change in yourself,
  • write this shit down,
  • send it to Craig (I told you he’s collecting!),
  • fix some smart objectives and reasons for changing that shit,
  • each Monday write a brief progress report.

Craig will read and publish everything, so, at the end of this 28 days challenge, you’ll have the chance to improve that particular aspect of your life (which I won’t call again on its name, or I’ll rank first in Google for “shit”) under the direct supervision of a great and motivating life coach, and under the eyes of your challenge colleagues.

Are you in? What do you think it is more difficult in a change? The initial decision? The process? The eyes of your friends who don’t want you changed?