Last Updated on April 20, 2020

What makes rap music so cool? The funny freestyle rap lyrics make actually the best part of this kind of music. But where do you get your lyrics from if you want to give it a try and you don’t have poetry abilities?

Well, let’s see how this all started. Some of you may remember the late 1980s Rap culture, the breakdance current with all that it meant: clothes, images, and dance to accompany this rising new musical style. Few years later, more and more remixes of old musical pieces resampled in the new style appeared, and they were highly successful to young audience. The huge success of the collaboration between Run DMC and Aerosmith, with their revised version of “Walk This Way” in 1986, created the new path which Rap music would follow. Who doesn’t remember “Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer?

The popularity of Rap and those funny freestyle lyrics became so great that by the end of the decade MTV established a program dedicated solely to this style entitled “Yo MTV Raps.” In the early years of the 1990s, as the Hip Hop culture expanded in popularity with Rap music as a primary component, the term Hip Hop began to replace the more traditional term Rap. New artists appeared and became popular pretty quickly. Ice T and NWA are among the prominent artists associated with the style of music commonly referred to as “Gangsta Rap.” This tougher, more aggressive style continued to evolve through the 1990s with artists such as Snoop Doggy Dog, or Tupac Shakur. The lyrics started to include lots of cursing, which made it funny to listen to those pieces on TV (lots of beeps, covering the dirty words), and boosted sales for the uncensored albums. If you are looking to buy hip hop beats, I’m sure you’ll find a lot of websites which sell them at affordable prices.

Funny freestyle rap lyrics are still in fashion today, it’s only the music style that slightly changed.