Last Updated on April 20, 2020

RadioWhat can you do with a computer? This is one of the many funny searches on internet. Nowadays, computers mean for their users far more than they used to when they first appeared. We use them to talk to our friends, we use them to store our photos, we play music and record videos with the help of computers.

And we can listen to online radio without actually having a radio in the house. Cool feature, if we think that many people enjoy background music while working.

There are lots of free radio stations available online:

1. RadioTower: here you can browse through 4123 free radio stations, with possibility to filter them by category, country and language. Amongst their top music categories, there are: Oldies, Easy Listening, Classical, AC, Rock, Retro, Smooth Jazz, Blues/R&B, Dance, Top 40/Pop. If you don’t want to bother with searching music and all that stuff, RadioTower offers you a software which promises a good experience of listening to online radio. The software is not free, but they have a really long sales page, so in case you are interested, you have a lot of info there.

2. Live 365 Internet Radio: Besides the thousands radio stations you can listen to, Live365 offers users the chance to set up their own online radio station, upload playlists and broadcast. You can even host your own live talk shows. All you have to do is become a Live365 member (it’s free), download and install a software, and follow the instructions. Paid subscribers can also define keywords and description for their broadcasts.

3. RadioFreeWorld: lots of radio stations, podcasts, online TV, audiobooks and many more goodies can make you forget the ugly layout of this website. The radio stations list is in alphabetical order and there is no possibility to filter or sort it.

4. SHOUTcast: this free online radio station belongs to Nullsoft, the company which created Winamp media player. You can find here some 20000 radio stations, which can be filtered by genre. A search box is also available.

5. Real Radio: nice look, more than 3000 free radio stations available, plus a feature called My Radio, which allows users to have a favorite stations list. My Radio is available only to registered users (registration is free).

6. Slacker: free online radio station with a modern look, and with the possibility to save your personal settings (after you open a free account). They are going to release the Slacker Media Player, a portable device which includes integrated WiFi, a full screen display, and an on-board Slacker DJ. The Slacker DJ, combined with Slacker’s new caching system, lets you play your personalized CD quality radio stations everywhere you go, even when you aren’t in WiFi range. The devices also support mp3, wma and video files, and display album art and reviews, artist photos and bios, visualizations and much more. There is no information about the launch date ot about the price.

7. Radio Paradise: in addition to all features of a radio station, Radio Paradise offers its listeners the chance to win a trip to Costa Rica (you can read more details about the contest and how you can join, on their website).

8. Radio-locator: radio station search engine on the internet, with links to over 10,000 radio station web pages and over 2500 audio streams from radio stations in the U.S. and around the world. If you have a satellite radio or MP3 player that transmits sound to your car radio or home stereo, or some other audio gadgets available today that include a small FM transmitter and work by sending a signal to any nearby radio that’s tuned to its frequency. These devices work best if you choose an unused frequency on the FM dial. It’s also best not to pick a frequency that’s too close to a strong FM station. You can use Radio Locator to find vacant frequencies in your area that are best suited for use with your audio device.

9. Pandora: very popular free online radio station. Due to their latest decision of limiting their broadcast only to US residents, I cannot give you any more details. Pandora also powers MSN Radio.

Do you listen to music while blogging? What is your favorite online radio station?