Last Updated on April 20, 2020

There’s no secret that people who have some artistic skills often become the center of attention at parties or other kind of reunions. Music is one of the most appreciated skills, but not everybody has been gifted with a beautiful voice, so singing can easily become torture for the ears.

What if you knew how to play the piano? What a great concerto you would have given to your friends! But you still have the chance to learn piano, with the help of, a website which publishes a weekly newsletter containing free Piano lessons & piano chords. The courses are delivered in your e-mail inbox, very suitable for busy adults, who cannot attend real life classes every week. The teacher is Duane Shinn, known as “the pianoman”,the author of over 500 books, CDs and DVDs related to all aspects of piano playing.

If after the 101 free piano lessons you decide to go in more details and perfect your skills, you have the possibility to buy the DVDs or the CDs which go in depth, revealing you new techniques and possibilities.

Should you only need to play the piano only to entertain your wedding guests, then the 101 free lessons should be more than enough.