Last Updated on April 20, 2020

Weight watch is a major concern for many of us, especially in this after-holidays period, when we know we’ve made some food excesses, and when we just see that our clothes have become too tight to be comfortable. It’s now time to switch from all those meat-rich meals to lighter ones such as vegetarian lasagna or spinach artichoke dip, not only to shed those few pounds that bother us, but also to ease our digestion.

One of the most searched nutrition programs these days is Weight Watchers. Nearly 35 years after the UK launch, Weight Watchers launched a points-based diet which allows you to eat any of your favourite foods, points being given to each food in accordance with their calories and saturated fat content.

In case you don’t feel like going for Free Weight Loss Coaching, here are a few examples of food dishes, with their cooking procedure, preparation time and the number of Weight Watcher Points as per the Weight Watchers website:

Curried butternut squash soup – 0 points

Pumpkin, ginger and apple soup – 0 points

Porridge with raspberries and golden syrup – 4.5 points

Chicken drumsticks and chips – 4 points

Chicken in creamy Pernod sauce with rosemary roast potatoes – 9 points

Sweet and sour prawns – 6 points

Smoked salmon canapes – 0.5 points

Vegetable lasagne – 3 points

Lamb Rogan Josh – 22 points

Red onion and rosemary foccacia – 2.5 points

Nectarine and raspberry jelly – 0.5 points

Banana berry smoothie – 3.5 points

Lychee Martini – 2.5 points

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All above mentioned recipes are easy to prepare, and you can find the list of ingredients, the cooking time and procedure by clicking on reach recipe.

For more similar recipes you can go to WeightWatchers Community Recipes Swap, where you’ll be able so see some point-based free recipe samples. To get full access you’ll have to subscribe.

Bon appetit, and if you have some more delicious dishes to add to this free list of Weight Watchers points recipes, please feel free to add them in the comments below.