Last Updated on April 20, 2020

time is goldBecause Internet is the devil in disguise, eating our time and not giving us back enough recognition, this group of 33 bloggers joined to fight it, trying to obey to the
10 Commandments of Time Management, respecting each other’s time, while learning a few lessons in time management.

Everything went smoothly, until Guru Natalie weighted in on time management, telling us that we should become β€œcreatures of habit”, so we all had to find at least 9 reasons to wake up early. Given the fact that some of us love to wake up late, we’d rather look for an efficient organization of our daily hassle, for a formula of time management for bloggers and photographers. This is a normal approach, when you spend almost all your day(s) blogging and taking pictures of your cat. Blogging is about moderating comments as well, so bloggers would better manage time by sorting their blog comments in 6 ways. Beware though: don’t try all 6 methods at once πŸ˜‰

My troubles with time management always make me wonder if it’s URGENT, urgent I say… but is it? As I cannot find myself an appropriate answer, I’ thank God I don’t sweat the small stuff and I don’t put everything off until later. I just cancel it πŸ˜‰

The 8 work at home time management strategies which help me avoid hearing my family crying “Time, Time, Time!”, gave me the energy to organize some thoughts on managing a precious resource. Please don’t imagine I’m managing my gold resources! This is all about time! I could even be tackling K2, if only I could have found some time management tips for using email.

Stress Can Be Good, some people may say, but I strongly disagree. I’m sure those people know the secrets to successful time management which they don’t want to share, enjoying when they see us living under the pressure of the 3 simple time management tips so easy on paper, but so difficult in real life.

How I manage time between blogging and studies is none of your business, since you told me to organize myself a better living through sticky notes. I just don’t want them on my fridge, I don’t want them on my desk, I don’t want them in my life, so I’d say that how I manage my time is a private topic. What? Did you expect that I’d share with you the 6 essential time management strategies which allow me managing large multi-user projects? No way!

I am aware that a routine shall set you free, but I’m too creative for that, so I’d rather supercharge my job search by saving time. Do you know why? Because time makes me cuckoo without even knowing it, in my rush to acquire 11 time management tips – how I manage work and blog. These are really simple tips for managing time: it is either blog or work, so don’t blame me that I quit my job. And don’t blame me if I cuckoo too loud sometimes πŸ˜†
From the peace of my home, I can test all kind of strategies for effective time management, until I become the master of the un-techniques, who often gets dIstressed or dEstressed trying to cope with freelancing and time management.

Speaking of time management, there was this story I’ve heard when I was a child: how can one define eternity (I’m not sure, but it could be from Antoine De Saint Exupery – The Little Prince):

There is this huge rocky mountain. Every day, a small bird comes and rubs its beak on the rock. When the entire mountain will have been ground away by this bird’s beak, a second from eternity would have passed.

That’s all, my friends, I’ve just spent a second from eternity trying to find the English word for the “bird’s mouth”, only to discover that I knew it some time ago, but I’ve forgotten it meanwhile. I’d better find a way of managing my memory through time. And blog about it.