Last Updated on April 20, 2020

Romance Novels were my favorites some years ago. I used to read a lot, and many times I found myself reading late at night, until dawn. It is true that this happened before the birth of Internet, when people had more time and were more willing to read hard copy books. Despite the nowadays rush, I still find time for lecture and for watching love movies that make you cry, at least for a couple of hours every day.

One of the romance novels (actually this book is more than a simple love story) I’ve read recently and which impressed me very much is Ken Wilber’s book, Grace and Grit, Spirituality and Healing in the Life and Death of Treya Killam Wilber. Ken Wilber is an American philosopher and Grace and Grit is the five-years love story of Ken and Treya, trying to overcome her breast cancer. Based on two narrative lines, the story is so touching that it is hard to keep your tears from flowing. One narrative line impersonates Ken’s thought and feelings, while the other one is Treya’s point of view. Although they’ve been through a very painful journey, their love survived and gave them power to pass through unimaginable challenges, as they decided to try all kind of conventional and alternative treatments, from the challenging chemotherapy to natural remedies such as the maple syrup and baking soda cure for cancer (generically speaking, as they actually tried a lot of such New Age stuff thoroughly described by Ken Wilber in his book).
The end is somehow expected, yet touching, Treya passes away, while Ken makes himself the promise that he will always find her. It is a book that I won’t forget very soon.