Last Updated on April 20, 2020

Many people’s dream is to study something, either for their pleasure, or for advancing in the career, for getting a better salary, thus being able to raise their living standards. But as time passes by and they get older and older, studying becomes very hard to do, not only because our mental capabilities slow down with the age, but mainly because of our other duties in life which prevent us from finding the time required to go to the university and follow some courses. When babies start to appear and when you need to work for paying the bills, you may easily find yourself caught in a race against the time, which usually ends in stress, frustration and depression. How could you possibly compete with a teenager, who has all the time in the world to go to school, study and play, because his parents take care of all the rest? Actually you don’t have too many chances.

Distance Learning appeared exactly for this type of persons who are willing to study, who could pass their exams successfully, but who cannot give up their duties for going to school. Why not studying from your own home? Life shouldn’t end when children arrive, you know?

One of the universities which offer distance learning is Kaplan Open Learning. Based in Essex, UK, and co-operating closely with The University of Essex, Kaplan Open Learning provides distance courses for adults in UK. The courses are suitable for all those who want to advance in their careers, or to get a new job, in a new field of activity. The programme of the courses is flexible, so it can accommodate people who work full time, as well as people who work part time.

Amongst the courses offered by Kaplan Open Learning, there are: Business and Management Foundation Degree, Entrepreneurship Foundation Degree, Marketing and Sales Management Foundation Degree and Internet Marketing Foundation Degree.

Would you go for distance education? Why would you?