Last Updated on April 20, 2020

Since I’ve started working in the internet marketing field, I discovered the benefits of using a file sharing service in my small business. Actually, if you know how to do it, you can have all these in house. I’m not an IT knowledgeable person, so I’d rather outsource such services. I need file sharing because I’m outsourcing parts of my work to people that are located in other countries, so I had to use something to make us work as a team, as if we were meeting each other face to face in a real office.
When it comes to cloud computing, file sharing or ftp software, a small to medium size company can use the services offered by various companies with excellent results. For instance, the Egnyte local cloud service provides local access to your files, thus resulting in a higher speed of working with the files, especially with the very large ones. In case your internet connection is down, you can still access the files on the Egnyte Local Cloud, or ELC, and when things get back to normal with your internet provider, the files will be synchronized with the ones on the server. I reckon that’s a good solution for teams which are spread across many countries or cities to be able to work together as if they were meeting each other every day in the office. After all, thanks to cloud hosting solutions and other similar services, we can now work from home and save money and time for ourselves and for our pleasures.