Last Updated on April 20, 2020

This is a guest article by Samuel Stone.

Car insurance comparison is a must if you want to get the best possible deal. You can’t just call the first insurance company you hear about and sign with them without even knowing what other companies have to offer. This is a brief guide you can follow in your quest to find the cheapest insurance for your car or motorcycle. Before getting into this matter, I want to remind you that even if full coverage insurance sounds tempting, there are situations in which it’s not worth paying for it, so you might want to assess your case carefully to see if you really need it or you’ll be just fine with the legal liability limits valid for your state of residence.

Where to start searching for auto insurance quotes

Although car insurance depends on your state of residence, you still can find preliminary quotes online, by using zip submit forms like this one here. The form is good only for USA residents, so if you’re from another country, you can’t use it. All you need to disclose is your zip code, no personal data is needed in this stage of your research. After you submit the form, you’ll get 3-4 quotes from major insurers that are active in your state. By choosing any of them, you’ll then get into further details and eventually you’ll get your quote for free.

Why can’t I get the auto insurance quotes instantly?

Insurance premiums depend on multiple factors. The state you’re living in is only one of these criteria, therefore it is not enough to provide you with accurate quotes for having your car insured. Your home address will count only for determining the liability limits, as imposed by your state of residence. This is important, but other factors can determine major differences in quotations.

Factors that influence auto insurance quotes

One of the major factors is your driving history. For example, if you had a DUI conviction, you’ll have to pay much more than other people who have a clean driving license. Getting insurance after a DUI might be problematic, as not all insurers are willing to accept you as client.

If you’ve been a “good customer”, meaning that you didn’t fill in any claim during your past year of insurance contract, you’ll most probably get a good discount for the year to come. This is motivating people with no car accidents in not switching between insurers that often.

Another factor is the car itself. The age, the engine capacity, the purchasing price from new, all these affect the insurance terms.

Your gender can be an influencing factor in determining your auto insurance contract. Some insurance companies give better deals to women drivers, based on statistics that show they have less accidents and fill in less claims than male drivers. If you’re a woman, you might want to find one of these insurers and take advantage of your gender. Young male drivers are at the opposite pole, being statistically considered a high risk category for insurers.

If you need your car to be insured for multiple drivers, you might need to pay an additional amount of money. Insurance companies have their own policies in regard to this matter, so you might want to check which ones are willing to give you this option as a bonus.

As a conclusion, here’s a checklist for you to consider when seeking auto insurance quotes, be it on the internet or offline:

  • make a list of all things that are a must-have such as multiple drivers, off-road driving etc.
  • make a list of what you’d like to have but is not mandatory
  • make a list of things you really don’t need (such as extension for traveling abroad with your car, when you know for sure you’re not going anywhere)
  • get quotes based on your zip code
  • get in touch with all those insurance companies, give them your other details such as your mandatory requirements and ask for a customized quote

Good luck and may you have no accidents!