Shopping for plus size costumes online can be tricky. It’s hard to find something that looks good on you, something sexy and cute, something that fits your curvy shapes. Men will find it easier, because they can go for very large costumes with plenty of room inside, and they will look scary or funny, depending on their costume choice. Women have a harder time because many of them want to look sexy as well, and this requires special attention.

The main tip for looking great is to always define your waist. It doesn’t have to be your real waistline, sometimes it looks better if you mark it a bit higher.

Examples of plus size costumes that feature adjustable waist size, thanks to a corset-like lace:

Miss Wonderland

Here is a sexy outfit that men will love, the Adult Plus Size Miss Wonderland Costume for ladies. This adorable outfit is sure to have men waiting on you hand and foot vying for your affections. The sweetheart costume consists of an adorable mini dress with an attached apron that has a poodle applique on it. This lovely and sexy outfit is made for plus size ladies, and is suitable for dress sizes 16 to 22. Break hearts at will when you attend your next theme party, costume ball, Renaissance festival or rollicking Halloween party wearing this one of a kind outfit.

Plus Size Miss Wonderland Costume


Sexy Alice Womens Plus Costume
Plus Size Alice Costume
Plus Size Graveyard Fairy Costume For Adult

This is one fairy you wont find in your local forest. Our Graveyard Fairy Costume is a great idea for the girl who wants to be as spooky as she is cute this Halloween. The pink dress comes with a pair of detachable wings and glovelets to hit the town in true fairy style. The dress itself comes with a pink bodice top that has black laces framed by a black trim on its front. Below that is a ruffled satin waist section that frames the skirt below it. The skirt comes in a combination of pink and purple sheer fabrics which are cut into tatters at the hemline for a ragged, graveyard appearance. The elbow-length gloves come fingerless and feature a horizontal black and white striped pattern. The detachable fairy wings are made from both black and purple sheer fabrics which are also cut into tatters giving this classic costume its hard graveyard edge.

These nomads travel from far and wide…carrying everything they own with them. On Halloween night, you can play the role of this easy-going, never-stay-in-one-place character. You will travel from party to party spreading your fun-loving personality around. Features long tattered dress, slip, sleeve ties, corset-style front and hairpiece.

Womens Plus Size Gypsy Princess Costume

Womens Plus Size Gypsy Princess Costume

Some people do not know, or would just simply refuse to know, because for them, the truth hurts. Little do they know that the truth will set them free. And, believe it or not, some seemingly impossible things can be possible. Can be worked out to be possible. You don’t need a crystal ball to see that sexy fun is in your future. Do it right now, right here. Why wait? Often times waiting is a sacrifice, because no mortal ever knows 100 percent what tomorrow brings. But you can know one thing, though. This Gypsy Princess costume will do the trick. Have one today and feel like one true gypsy in this blue-white-black-purple costume set. Indulge once in a while. Sow now, and you will be most happy with what you will reap. With this the future will only be around 80 percent certain, not 100 percent like in many women.

French Maid Plus Size Costume For Women

This French maid outfit is going to get you more dirty than clean, if you know what I mean. Our classic French Maid includes a black jumper-style dress with corseted bodice to enhance your shape, a white blouse with puffy short sleeves, and a lace headpiece.

Cave Beauty Plus Size Costume

If you don’t do your chores and clean the cave…she may just knock you over the head with her club! Cave women can be uncivilized…the men will take a real beating to spend the evening with this sexy and beautiful one. The stone age never looked so good! Features leopard print top and skirt, headband and boottops. suede corset belt included.

Red Riding Hood Plus Size Costume For Women

You can hop and skip through the woods to grandmas house in this sexy little number. When you go out on Halloween night… you can bet that more than just the Big Bad Wolf will be following close after you and they won’t be after the treats in your basket, features mini dress with red skirt and black waist and lace, hooded cape with tie strings.

Plus Size Miss Red Riding Hood Costume

You just might have a hard time keeping all of the big bad wolves at bay when you wear this lovely Plus Size Miss Red Riding Hood Costume for ladies. This sexy Red Riding Hood ensemble includes a red hood, a white shoulder-less dress with frilly trim and an attached apron. The Red Riding Hood outfit comes in plus sizes only, and is suitable for women in sizes 16 to 22. Take a detour from Grandmas house to drop in at a rocking Halloween party wearing this alluring ensemble sure to get the attention of the guys. You can add to the appeal of this classic outfit with a Gingham Basket Costume Accessory and Adult White Patent Mary Jane Shoes. Complete this sexy look with an Auburn Show Girl Wig and sexy Stay-Up Thigh-High with Silicone Top Pantyhose for an outfit you’re sure to enjoy wearing for years to come.

Plus Size Lady In Waiting Costume

This beauty may serve the Queen of the Land….but she’s a queen all her own.

Victorian Vampiress Plus Size Costume For Women

Got a thirst for blood? Enjoy vampires, vampire movies, and vampire stories? Perhaps you’re a Twilight fan. If you’re looking for a great Halloween costume, look no further than this Victorian Vampiress Adult Plus Costume. The costume includes a long dress with lace-up front, long dramatic sleeves and high collar with choker. Our costume has flattering lines and an elegant Victorian twist to make your un-nightlife lots of fun! Enjoy it for costume parties throughout the year, as well. Though the dress is all of one piece and can easily stand alone, you can also enjoy this costume with our black and white streaked witch wig, found elsewhere on the site, for a unique, fun look. Beautiful and comfortable and cut for your figure, this costume is for fun more than it is for fear. Don’t wait! Get your Victorian Vampiress Adult Plus costume today!

Adult Plus Size Twilight Countess Costume

Here is sexy modern twist on a Halloween costume tradition, the Adult Plus Size Twilight Countess Costume for ladies. This lady vampire isnt scary, but she is most certainly sexy and sassy in this great looking outfit that includes an elegant looking black dress with a high collar. This a costume that you can wear to multiple functions throughout the year, such as a Renaissance, fairs, costume balls, theme parties, or a night out on the town Halloween night. The lady vampire outfit is available in the plus sizes only, and is ideal for women in dress sizes 18 to 24.


Plus Size South Seas Siren Pirate Costume

Ladies will love seducing sailors and landlubbers alike wearing this Plus Size South Seas Siren Pirate Costume. You’ll be in for swashbuckling good times in this attractive outfit that includes a low cut pirate skirt with an attached vest and an uneven hemline. This sexy lady pirate outfit is only available in the plus sizes, and is suitable for ladies size 16 to 22. You can add to the look of this sensual pirate garb with a Seductive Black Wig or an Adult Blonde Seductress Wig. A Pirate Cameo Necklace and Earring Accessory fits in perfectly with this ensemble and Adult Sexy Pirate with Side Laces Shoes or Black Wide Width and Calf Lace-Up Boots are also excellent additions. Add to the festive look of this outfit with Flapper Beads and you’ll have the ideal outfit for Renaissance fairs or your next Halloween night blow-out.

Ruby, The Pirate Beauty Costume

Youll turn every head in the port this Halloween with our Ruby the Pirate Costume for adults. This costume comes with everything youll need to hit the high seas in style including a pirate inspired corset-style top, skirt, waist sash and head scarf. The unevenly cut black skirt has a jagged hemline that rises from just below the right knee up to the middle of the left thigh for a revealing look at those sea legs. The red and white striped waist sash can be tied to either side and matches with the corset-style top. The top itself is cut off the shoulder, smock-style with long flowing white sleeves in a ruffled fabric. The black corset portion is accented by black trim and laces over a red and white print piece that goes with the waist sash. Keep your hair out of your eyes with the black head band and you’ll be ready to set sail in true pirate style!

Adult Plus Size Deluxe Hooded Gown Costume

Take control as a temptress in the night in the Adult Plus Size Deluxe Hooded Gown Costume. Bring a touch of gothic glamour to Halloween in this classic costume that can be worn for years to come. This hooded gown is a versatile piece that you can dress up as a vampiress, a vixen, or a sexy witch. This deluxe plus size costume features a long color blocked robe with a black satin ribbon lace up trim, a deep v neckline, an oversized draped hood, and exaggerated draped bell sleeves. This deluxe gown gives the appearance that you are wearing a long black robe over a long red dress. Costumes can be enhanced with a vampiress wig and fangs, or a variety of other vampire or witch accessories. Plus size Halloween costumes are available in a range of sizes that fit most adults up to size 18-20.

Adult Plus Size Glitter Witch Costume

This witch outfit is about breaking hearts, not casting spells, the Adult Plus Size Glitter Witch Costume. This lovely witch outfit includes a two-tone dress with jagged sleeves, star print, and lace trim. The corseted top will flatter your figure, and a pointy witch hat completes the ensemble. This sexy witch costume is made for plus size women, with sizes ranging from extra-large and up. The men at your next costume ball or Halloween party will easily fall under your spell when you arrive in this smoking hot little number. Add to the heavenly appeal of this classic costume with Patent Witch Shoes in Black and a Black Widow Necklace. A Black Wig for Witches is also an excellent choice and a Ridged Witch Hat can top off this sensual outfit. A Black Nail Polish Make-Up and Accessory kit allows you to get that perfect finishing touch.

Another idea is to buy costumes which have the waistline marked with a ribbon, just under the bust. This type of outfit will make you look elegant:

Adult Plus Size Queen Of Darkness Costume

Here is a sexy and sensual outfit for ladies who know they have what it takes, and dont mind flaunting it, the Adult Plus Size Queen of Darkness Costume. This sexy looking vampire outfit for ladies includes a black and pink short dress with a long sash and high necked collar. The men at your next costume ball or Halloween party wont mind if take a bite out of them when you wear this sensual and classic costume choice. This vampire ensemble for ladies is available in the plus sizes only, and is suitable for women in dress sizes 18 to 24. Check out all of the accessories that you can add to this sexy lady vampire outfit and more at Costume Discounters, where they have the very best selection of costumes and accessories on the internet at the very lowest prices, and they guarantee it.

Roman Empress Costume

You’ll look more than capable of running the Roman Empire when you wear this Plus Size Roman Empress Costume. You will rule in this elegant costume that includes a floor length two tone v-cut gown. The Roman Empress costume for ladies is available in plus size only, and is perfect for ladies in the 16 to 22 size range. Men will bow to you and attend to your every need when you wear this elegant costume to your next Renaissance festival or Halloween party. Add to the appeal of this lovely Roman Empress costume with Gold Coins Earrings Accessory and Gold Egyptian Sandals. Complete this great looking Roman royalty outfit with an Adult Blonde Athenian Goddess Wig and Gold Bangle Bracelet Costume Accessory.

Plus Size Tattered Devil Costume

If youre not careful, you might get punished, you sexy little devil! Sizzle in style at your next costume soiree when you wear this hot number with tattered hem, a belt with detachable trident tail, and a headband that features your impish little horns. Accessorize with fiery red platform stilettos, red wig, and playful devil props.

Plus Size Venus Goddess Of Love Costume

Take a walk into the realm of immortality when you put on this fantastic Plus Size Venus Goddess of Love Costume which consists of this floor-length cream gown which is edged in red. It will surely give you a stand-apart look and will attract the attention of admiring suitors (or people who just admire this lovely dress!). Consider pairing this wonderful costume with the following accessories which can be purchased separately: Gold Snake Armband, Dream Girl Wig – Black, and 9 inch Gold Metal Snake Bracelet. Take note that this plus size costume is available in the following sizes: One Size (which is meant to fit sizes from 16 through 22). You will also appreciate the competitive price of this eye-catching outfit. Don’t let this ensemble get away at this great bargain. Be sure to check out our large assortment of Halloween costumes for adults (standard to plus sizes), kids and babies. We also have great couple outfits too!

Lady Luck Costume

the old myth of a Lady being lucky with her presence at the casino game table will come true this Halloween. Here is a creative take-off on a mysthical idea.

Disco Gold Costume

This shiny hologram dress is perfect for doing the bump and shaking your groove thing. Feel like a walking mirror that radiates reflections of light at the same time absorb reflections of light from another source. At the party place, you will be able to stun all the men in the room with this awesome costume. And, take note, also the women, because they have to have this costume, and they can if they go near you. And they wont go near you if you have not stunned them in the first place, So, now, youre a stunner. But never forget that it will be nice if you enliven the party. Walk around. Go and hear their friendly remarks regarding how beautiful this costume is, just like the wearer. Strut your stuff, make that party alive! A party is not a party without the fun part. That is your duty, you have to do your part.

Sexy Kitty Costume

This fierce feline is on the prowl and shes out for the night looking for a good time in the alley! This plus size costume features everything you need to be the hottest kitty at your next Halloween party. The Adult Plus Size Sexy Kitty Costume features a black mini dress with leopard trim cap sleeves, leopard print empire waistband, leopard band around the hem, and attached leopard print tail. This sexy kitty costume includes a leopard ear headband, leopard print fingerless gloves, and a choker with kitty bell so that everyone will hear you coming! Add sexy tights or thigh highs and a pair of hot leopard print heels to complete the look of this fiesty feline. For a more subtle look, wear black tights and black heels. Plus size Halloween costumes are available in sizes that fit most adults up to size 18-20.

Plus Size Elite Queen Of Hearts Costume

If you’re set on being a queen then you must consider this spectacular Plus Size Elite Queen of Hearts Costume for Adult. From its faux-jeweled choker and tiara to the elaborate gown with heart detail and a tulle petticoat, you will be immediately blow away by this ensembles detail. You will have a great ball of a time when you pair this elaborate plus size costume with other accessories which can be purchased separately from our website, such as Black Gloves, Black Patent Mary Jane Shoes, Super Model Wig for Adults and Fishnet Thigh Highs. Take note that this costume is available in the following sizes: 2X (Bust 44-47.5, Waist 36-40, Hips 46.5-50) and 3X (Bust 48-51.5, Waist 40.5-45, Hips 50.5-54). You will also adore the comfort and esthetic of this fantastic ladies ensemble. Don’t let this Queen of Hearts outfit get away at such a great bargain. Be sure to check out our large assortment of Halloween costumes for adults (standard to plus sizes), kids and babies. We also have great couple outfits too!

Tight, glossy costumes that follow your curves can also look gorgeous. Just look at the following ones and tell me they don’t look awesome:

Wizard Of Oz Tin Woman Plus Size Costume

Bring the Wizard of Oz to life in a hot, hot, hot new way! Ladies, every man will be reaching for his oil can when you show up at your adult costume party or Halloween party wearing this Tin Woman Costume! The Tin Woman costume includes a silver mini dress with zipper front, funnel headpiece with heart shaped clock, silver bowtie choker and silver boot tops with red heart trim. Boot tops are great because they mean you don’t have to do any extra shoe shopping to complete your perfect one night look! Add our crimped tinsel wig and axe, found elsewhere on this site, to ensure you really shine at your event! You’ll be comfortable enough to dance the night away in this sexy costume. Don’t wait for the Tin Woman Costume to go out of stock, just get one of your very own today!

Plus Size Peacock Costume

Did you know that a group of peacocks is called a party? Now you do! Be the life of the party in this beautiful and ornate costume inspired by the peacock. Complete includes a shimmery short multi-colored dress, an ornate feathered headpiece, and a decorated peacock tail that can be displayed in full plume or left down. Fits most size 14-20.

Plus Size Robin Costume

Move over Boy Wonder, make room for Girl Wonder. This costume is a great way to show off your great superhero skills and look great while doing so. The best way to show off your great figure as well, and with a great price, you are sure to want to get this costume for any party or Halloween. Now you can be the perfect side kick in this shiny, Womens Plus Size Robin Costume which also includes a great looking mask. The perfect fit for the perfect costume. This is a great way to look great and party ready with ease. Time to party hard and kick some villains into jail, so if you want be ready if Batman calls you then this is the costume for you. Is the costume missing something? Then you must check out our awesome accessory section for other great items to add to this costume.

Sexy Miss Mod Costume

Mod is a subculture that originated in London, England in the late 1950s and peaked in the early to mid 1960s. Mod clothing was characterized by bright contrasting colors and bold prints. For men, it meant more tailored suits, for women it meant higher hemlines. It didnt take long for this style to become popular in the United States. Our Sexy Miss Mod Plus Size Costume exemplifies all that was Mod. This four piece costume includes a scoop back white dress with silver polka dots and black trim. Long white gloves, a wide headband and large round white sunglasses that were definitely a sign of the times are also included. Complete your mod look with a pair of go-go boots that you can purchase on our website.

What do you think? Do you have other tips for choosing plus size Halloween costumes?