Shopping for plus size costumes online can be tricky. It’s hard to find something that looks good on you, something sexy and cute, something that fits your curvy shapes.

Men will find it easier, because they can go for very large costumes with plenty of room inside, and they will look scary or funny, depending on their costume choice. Women have a harder time because many of them want to look sexy as well, and this requires special attention.

The main tip for looking great is to always define your waist. It doesn’t have to be your real waistline, sometimes it looks better if you mark it a bit higher.

Examples of plus size costumes that feature adjustable waist size, thanks to a corset-like lace:

Black Magic Mistress Costume 1X / 2X / 3X / 4X

No, there is a social pecking order even in the witches’ world. It isn’t enough just to show up with the right cauldron. There is a hierarchy to be established and, just like in the world of socialite mortals, it comes down to wearing the right garb. And, when it comes time for that Moonlight Festival and Witches’ Ball, you need to be sure that you’re on top of the gown game. Your typical woodland gown and old crone cap won’t cut it.

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But, that’s why you have nothing to fear, because you have the Black Magic Mistress costume. This fantastic dress has a shining glitter overlay on the sleeves and skirt that simply scream that you have some serious magic mojo. The sequined belt only augments the sparkling power you’re charming and the iconic witch’s hat holds its shape as if by voodoo practices, also augmented aesthetically with a sequined ribbon. That Witch’s Ball better beware, because the black magic is brewing this year and the title of Witch Supreme is yours for sure!

Black Magic Mistress Costume
Black Magic Mistress Costume – $74.99



Plus Size Great Escape Prisoner Costume for Women

When you think that you are experiencing the death of fashion with all these modern trends, take a step back and try out this Plus Size Great Escape Prisoner Costume. This “Made By Us” costume was put together by our hard working and careful artisans, so you will feel good about wearing this for years to come. When you wear this awesome sweatshirt dress and hat, you will know that you are part of a long line of people with classy, vintage style.

Plus Size Great Escape Prisoner Costume
Plus Size Great Escape Prisoner Costume – $24.99


This flattering dress has the brightest whites and darkest blacks, along with the printed inmate id number across the chest, so no one will forget who you are! The hat adds that little bit of fun charm that will take your outfit to the next level!

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Women’s Plus Size Dolled Up Flapper Costume

This black and gold gown will make you feel ready for those stand-out roaring twenties parties. Made by Us, this costume combines glamour and quality for a pick you can be proud of. Zipping up the back, the gold and black Chevron pattern is lush with sequins. At the hem, the zig-zagging hemline has a long fringe that moves with you as you dance the Charleston. A gold sequined headband, accented with a feather, tops the whole thing off.

Plus Size Dolled Up Flapper Women's Costume
Plus Size Dolled Up Flapper Women’s Costume – $49.99


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What do you think? Do you have other tips for choosing plus size Halloween costumes?

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