Last Updated on April 20, 2020

Blog templates are one of the things that bloggers like to change every once in a while. I think I’ve changed my blog template four times already in less than two years. I’ve always went for templates which were free of charge, which I slightly adapted to look as I wanted, rather than buying a premium theme.

Even now, when I started to experiment with designing blog templates for WordPress, I use ready-made themes for my blogs. The funny thing is that although anybody can download and use these themes I’m using, it happened to me only once to come into a blog which had the same layout as mine. I agree, the feeling was strange, it was like seeing my face on somebody else’s body, but it was only once in almost two years.

This is probably because there are so many free WordPress themes available, that the probability for some blogger to discover another blog using the same theme is very small.

What do you think? On the blogs you read, do you notice whether the author is using an unique theme or a free one? Dpes using a free theme make a blog look cheap or not serious?