Last Updated on April 20, 2020

lucky 13Did you ever gamble? If you did, probably you know the chill climbing on your spine while the roulette is slowing its spin, and the ball jumps all over the place, looking like it’s going to land on your lucky number. And when you see it stopped on your number, you feel the knees becoming soft, and you can’t refrain from thinking of all the chips you still had but you were afraid to bet on that single spin which could have made you rich.

I’m not encouraging anybody to gamble, as it can lead to addiction, but I want to encourage you to enter a cool blog contest which can bring you $100 if you are lucky. Although blog contests can also develop addiction, this is not bad at all, as blog contests don’t encourage people to spend their money on illusions and let their children starve (or beg, or whatever else). Blog contests encourage communication, linking, ideas exchange, so there’s nothing wrong in them.

Why Lucky 13?

Because My Lucky Number 13 Contest is hosted by 134u, and all you have to do to participate is to have a blog, or to subscribe to the host blog. Winning is a matter of luck.

For more details on how to push your luck and get more than one entry in the contest, please go and read the details on the original post My Lucky Number 13. You still have time to enter before November ends, so good luck and good 13!