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Water ionizers - Jupiter DelphiAlkaline water, also known as ionized water, differs from the normal water by its pH level. While normal water has a pH of 7 (which means neutral), alkaline water has a pH of almost 8. The pH scale is the measure for acidity or alkalinity of solutions. It ranges from pH 0 to 14, solutions with pH 7 being neutral, pH > 7 alkaline and pH < 7 acidic.

In order for the normal water to become alkaline, it has to go through a process of electrolysis.

This article is an overview on all information I found on alkaline water benefits and water ionizer systems. It is only a starting point for discussions, so if you have any experience to share with us regarding ionized water and what it did good or bad for you, please use the comments section below.

Alkaline Water Benefits

While there are scientifically proven benefits to drinking water, there’s no proven medical evidence in stating alkaline water is superior to normal water. Nonetheless, many people claim alkaline water is good for health, some of them speaking from their own experience. I remember reading in a discussion forum that somebody said alkaline water helped her with her asthma condition. Maybe it did, or maybe it was only the placebo effect, we have no way of knowing that.

One of the most often used arguments in favor of ionized water is that many foods are acidic, therefore upsetting the pH balance of the body. Since the method of neutralizing an acid solution is to add a base, alkaline water is thought to help balancing the body, thus leading to a state of well-being. I didn’t find any research to support this. However, if you want to read more about alkalinity and the acidic diet, and to get a list of alkaline and acid foods, you can download this free report. The report comes with an optional bonus, a free consultation with a water specialist with whom you can discuss your water issues. I think it’s worth taking a look into it.

Back to the benefits of ionized water, here’s what I found:

Alkaline electrolyzed water assists in the alleviation of gastrointestinal disorders, acidosis, chronic diarrhea, and poor digestion. This claim appears to be endorsed by the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare. Source:

Antioxidant properties: antioxidants strengthen the immune system. They neutralize free radicals which are the cause of cell damage. Vitamins E, C and A are among the most-known antioxidants and they’ve been proven effective by research. As of the antioxidant properties of ionized water, here’s a quote from the previously mentioned source:

Recent research in Japan has shown that electrolyzed alkaline drinking water has a synergistic effect on antioxidants. For example, the antioxidant strength of vitamin C in electrolyzed alkaline water is several times greater than vitamin C in tap water. The synergistic effect is due to the higher dissociation/ionization constant of the functional (electrolyzed) water.

The previously mentioned website lists references, thus being much more credible than other sources. Here’s the reference for the above quote: Hanaoka, K.; Antioxidant Effects of Reduced Water Produced by Electrolysis of Sodium Chloride Solutions, (to be published in J Applied Electrochemistry, 2001).

Shirahata, S., et al: Electrolyzed-Reduced Water Scavenges Active Oxygen Species and Protect DNA from Oxidative Damage, Biochem. Biophys. Res. Comm. 234 (1997) 269 is a study supporting the claim that ionized water enhances the immune system and inhibits autoimmune disease. Mice given electrolyzed alkaline water lived 30% longer. I found no research on humans, however, on the antioxidant properties of alkaline water.

Management of metabolic acidosis. Metabolic acidosis is a result of endogenous acids accumulation in the body or of kidneys failure of eliminating the acids. It is a very severe and possibly lethal condition. I found this study published by Department of Urology, El Mansoura Urology and Nephrology Center, Mansoura University in Egypt, regarding the use of ionized alkaline water as a strategy for the management of metabolic acidosis. The study was done on dog and rats and it showed significant improvement. The conclusion was that alkaline ionized water can be considered as a major safe strategy in the management of metabolic acidosis secondary to renal failure or dialysis or urinary diversion. Studies on humans are yet to be done.

This sounds promising, but I’m not sure how it translates for the average, healthy individual who isn’t sure whether or not ionized alkaline water provides real benefits for him and his family. If you’re a resident of USA or Canada, you can click here to get a free pH saliva test which can reveal whether your body is in an overly acidic condition.

Also for USA and Canada residents, you can click here to get a water quality report for your area. The report is based on a zip submit form.

Water Ionizer Systems

Water ionizers for home use connect directly to the faucet and they usually play a double role: filter and ionizer. They come with installation kits and instructions, so anyone with basic DIY skills can install one without needing a plumber. Maintenance of water ionizers is simple, as they have a self-cleaning feature. The only thing you need to do is replace the filter. If you live in an area with hard water, you may also need descaling every 1-2 years. You can use a vinegar solution to do that.

There are several manufacturers of water ionizers such as Ionways (former Jupiter), Tyent, Enagic (Kangen), Life Ionizers or KYK. I’m not going into details about their devices, but here’s a comparative table of the most popular water ionizers.

Name of ionizer Jupiter Melody Jupiter Athena KYK Harmony 9040 Enagic SD501 Life Ionizer 7500 Tyent 7070
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Price Suggested Retail $1495 $2195 $1199 $3980 $1995 $2495
Certified Independent Lab Performance Rating pH at highest setting 10.47 10.54 9.48 9.46 10.72 9.47
ORP at highest setting -637.1mv -812.0 mv -482.0 mv -578.7 mv -164.7 mv -740.1 mv
Flow Rate 3 LPM 3 LPM 3 LPM 8 LPM 1.5 LPM 1.5 LPM
Important things to consider about the manufacturer Manufacturer Emco Tech Emco Tech YiShan / KYK Enagic Unknown Tae Young
How long making water ionizers? 28 years 28 years 4 years 7 years 3 years 2 years
How long in US 14 years 14 years 3 years 4 years Less than one year 1+ year
Manufacturer Assembler? Manufacturer Manufacturer Assembler Manufacturer Assembler Assembler
True R&D Capability? Yes Yes No No No No
Quality Assurance Certification ISO9001 & 14001 and CE ISO9001 & 14001 and CE None ISO9001 & 14001 and CE Unknown Unknown
Safety Certifications? UL; CSA; RoHS UL; CSA; RoHS Unknown UL & ULC None None
Category Rating 5 5 2 4 2 2
Important things to consider about the company you will buying from How long in Business? IonLife
10 years
3 years
3 years
Enagic USA
4 years
LifeIonizer LLC
1 year
Ityent USA
1+ years
Experience in ionizer business? 6 years 1 year 4 years 4 years 10 years 1+ years
Warranty Lifetime parts
5 yrs. labor
Lifetime parts
5 yrs. labor
5 year parts
Parts & Labor
5 year parts
Parts & Labor
5 year parts
3 labor
5 year parts
3 labor
Guarantee 60 day money back
No restocking fee
15 day trial 15 day money back
15% restocking fee
3 day money back
20% restocking fee
60 day money back
15% restocking fee
60 day money back
15% restocking fee
Water Expertise? Can they help solve your water issue? WQA Water expert on staff / full line of specialty filtration WQA Water expert on staff / full line of specialty filtration Limited None Limited Expertise / Full line of specialty filtration None
Customer Support Full office staff including customer support Full office staff including customer support Full office staff including customer support Full office staff including customer support Limited / staff size and roles unknown Limited / staff size and roles unknown
Service Center Yes
Factory trained – Dedicated
Factory trained – Dedicated
Factory trained
Factory trained
Headqrters / Warehouse Reno NV, New Fairfield CT, Edmonton Canada Reno NV, Vancouver BC Hermosa Beach, CA Encinitas, CA Blackwood, N.J.
Category Rating 5 5 3 3 2 1
Electrode Plate Information Number of Electrode Plates 5 5 5 7 7 7
Electrode Plate design Standard flat Plate Mesh Standard flat Plate Standard flat Plate Mesh Mesh
Manufacturing process Electroplating Electroplating Dipped Dipped Dipped Dipped
Plate source Emco Tech / Japan Emco Tech / Japan YiShan / Taiwan Enagic / Japan Korea Unknown / Korea
Category Rating 4 5 3 4,5 3 3
Ionization features Mineral Port? Yes Yes No Saline injection No No
Hot Water Alarm Yes Yes No No No No
Flow Rate Indicator Yes Yes Yes No Yes No
Can unit regulate flow? Onboard Onboard Tap only Tap only Onboard Tap only
Category Rating 5 5 2 3 2 1
Cleaning System / frequency / convenience Cleaning type / frequency Automatic Post Use / each time used DARC System / each time used Simple Reverse Polarity / 30 seconds per 12 hours Simple Reverse Polarity / 30 seconds every 15 gals none, website says to call customer service RTR (Real Time Refresh) automatic washing of electrolytic tank
Eliminates Mineral scaling on plates Substantially Yes No No No No
Do you have to wait while cleaning? No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Category Rating 4 5 2 3 2 2
Installation Options How many ways can you install it? 3 options 3 options To tap with diverter only Countertop 2 options
Category Rating 5 5 3 1 3 3
Filtration Features Filtration Rating (in microns) .1Micron / .01Micron Dual filtration – .1Micron / .01Micron .01Micron .1Micron Dual Filtration – .1Micron Dual Filtration .1Micron
Filtration Media GAC with Calcium and Tourmaline GAC with Calcium and Tourmaline GAC GAC with Calcium GAC with Calcium GAC and ceramic
Filter Life indicator Yes, by counter Yes, by counter Yes, by counter Yes, by timer Yes, by counter Yes–display, no counter
Replacement cost $60 / $90 $60 / $90 $75 $145 $50 $85 (includes 2 filters)
Category Rating 5 5 3 3 3 3
Electrical Power Electrical Supply Transformer Transformer SMPS Transformer SMPS SMPS
Power Consumption 110w / .5amps 110w / .5amps 200w 230w / 2.5amps unknown 85w
Category Rating 5 5 4 5 4 4
Other features to consider Number of pH levels 9 – but infinite control with Flow valve Adjustable to 48 Adjustable to 64 6 9 9
Color changing Control Panel? Yes Yes Yes No Yes None
PH and ORP Display? No No Yes** No No No
Category Rating 5 5 5 4 5 5

* Silver State Laboratories, 2008
** Uncalibrated

If you’ve already done your research, decided you want to drink alkaline water and you don’t mind buying a reconditioned water ionizer, you can check out this page and get 25%-30% off the regular retail price on these models of Ionways (Jupiter) water ionizers.

What do you think? Is alkaline water good for you or is it just another scam?