Last Updated on April 20, 2020

akismet monsterAs Akismet is coming by default with all WordPress installs, everybody who uses WordPress for blogging is using it.

I’m also using it since the beginning, and I’ve been pleased with the way it behaves: I think it got only one or two comments which were not spam, and it learned after I de-spammed them that those IP addresses are OK.

Over the past week, it seems that the Akismet monster got really hungry: it is eating all my comments on all blogs, including the Reader Appreciation Project, where I’m one of the authors. For a while, I just wrote the authors of blogs where I commented a small note, asking them to check and de-spam my comment, hoping that Akismet will learn, and my further comments will be OK. But it seems the monster never learns, it just doesn’t like me (or maybe it likes me too much, and this is why it’s attempting to eat me alive).

The result is that I stopped commenting, because I don’t want to embarass people, but I feel like I’m mute. Does soembody know what can I do to get rid of this (except from changing my internet service provider or using a free proxy)?

If some of you wonder why am I not commenting anymore, no, I’m not upset, I’m just chased by the hungry monster.